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Kellyanne Conway Claims Microwaves Are Spying on Your Popcorn

By Nick Poling / Published on Monday, 13 Mar 2017 22:56 PM / No Comments

Kellyanne Conway in a recent interview stated “… and microwaves that turn into cameras etcetera.” when asked about Trump Tower being wire tapped. Which followed with outrageously hilarious memes about microwaves being used as spying devices, almost as funny as Russian conspiracy memes. However, her comment does seem to take some of the steam out of the recent intel dropped by Wikileaks about the CIA’s backdoor capabilities into several types of smart devices.

Later Kellyanne Con”Wave” walked back her comments by asserting she was talking about potential spying techniques in general not necessarily what or how Donald Trump might have been spied upon during the election by the Obama administration. She did this by stating “I’m not in the business of having evidence.”

It is obvious that she was trying to speak generally about the current capabilities that are currently out there in the world that can be used for spying on someone, but microwaves does seem to be quite a stretch of the imagination. The more concerning part of this is the effect it may have on the masses to think that every other legitimate concern over devices that are open to be used for spying purposes.

There are several devices that are susceptible to spying malware or other similar spying intrusions. It is not likely that the CIA, or anyone for that matter, is all that interested in an individuals cat, dog, baby, and naughty photos. However, it is still very concerning that the government does have the capability to see all of these things on a majority of devices most people currently use everyday.

Some recent smart devices such as Alexa and Google Home might be vulnerable to attack as well. Both of these devices were recently some of the hottest tech gifts bought during the past holiday shopping season topping sales charts, and selling out at several locations. Recent videos have emerged asking Alexa and Google Home about their connections to the CIA.

The Google Home device, however, is unsure if it is connected…

Kellyanne looks a lot less crazy in light of all of this sort of information, or perhaps her intention was to make “conspiracy” fears seem more illegitimate by her asinine comment. Smart phones, voice controlled TV’s, and computers are all susceptible to spying. That is not a conspiracy theory or outlandish claim, it is a fact of life. Software virtually always has the ability to be hacked and used in a way most users wouldn’t appreciate.


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