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Katherine Jackson Has to Get Dressed in the Closet for Fear She’s Being Recorded

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 02 Mar 2017 16:33 PM / No Comments

The Jackson family has always been mired with controversy as the poster family for what happens when money corrupts people but the latest reports of abuse to the family matriarch Katherine Jackson are disturbing. She along with a number of friends, attorneys and two of her children Jermaine and Rebbie are alleging her nephew Trent Lamar Jackson is being overbearing and essentially keeping her prisoner in her own home. She says he’s copied keys to the lock on her bedroom door and believes he’s wired the entire house for sound and audio.

It’s so bad that she says she has to hide in the closet to get dressed for fear of being recorded. “The only place I can try and have a private conversation, is in my bathroom, pretending I am using the restroom so I can make a call. She even says she was ignored when she felt she was having a stroke or seizure and he said he could take care of her himself. He’s even blocked her child Rebbie from her mother’s phone so she couldn’t reach her and even took her off of her medical directive. Jermaine says he threw one of the Jackson sisters against the wall hit and hit him and one of his nephews along with $40,000 he stole from Katherine.

At this point I think we need Chris Crocker to do one of those Leave Katherine Alone videos and do something about this family member and lastly, the fact an 86 year old woman fears she’s going to be recorded disrobing is beyond absurd. That alone is enough reason to do something about this nephew.


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