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Kanye’s Mother’s Doctor Has Asked He Not Use His Pic for His Album Cover + Says He Didn’t Kill Her

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 30 Apr 2018 19:25 PM / No Comments

Kanye West’s still on his rampage to break the internet in increments. Last week after his affection for Donald Trump has been expressed, snippets of music being released plus a clip of one about picking up dog poop (no seriously, listen), he’s thrown his deceased mother’s plastic surgeon into the mix. When he started backing Trump, Chance the Rapper took his defense saying blacks didn’t have to be Democrats but has since made a retraction of sorts. Now he’s reached for his mother’s plastic surgeon who after going to a series of doctors that refused to work on her, he chose to, has widely been considered the cause of her death. He not only doesn’t agree but he doesn’t want his name brought up in connection to Kanye’s latest music project.


Two days ago Kanye made the announcement that he wanted to use Dr. Jan Adams’ photo as his album cover stating in a tweet he “wants to forgive and stop hating.” Whether it’s a serious idea or not, Dr. Adams is serious about not being a part of any of this. In an open letter to Kanye, he asked that he “cease and desist using my photo or any image of me to promote your album or any of your work.” He adds that “I don’t want to appear ungrateful” but that it’s “inappropriate to drag the negativity of the past with it.”

The little known detail that Kanye has often neglected to mention is that after his mother was released from surgery, it was advised that she then seek post-operative care at another facility but instead chose to do so at home with “an experienced nurse.” She later passed of a heart attack. His cousin was in charge of the after care arrangements.

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“Perhaps you should put your cousin’s picture on your next album. Don’t put my picture out there and claim you are about love. Love deals with the truth,” Dr. Adams writes in the letter. He continues “If you want to heal, first call out the people in your own camp who knew better and persisted with the charade in order to hide their own guilt.”

He adds “Do not mistake kindness for weakness,” as he has “tolerated” incorrect reports over the last decade that he was partly to blame for Donda’s death, staying quiet out of respect for Kanye. Dr. Adams goes on to say that as a “father and a family man,” Kanye should “cherish those things.” He says, “Everyone can get past this but you have to be intellectually honest.” Dr. Adams concludes that,”It’s hard to consistently and unconditionally love” and that “I welcome you to this journey.”

The irony of it all is that one would expect Kanye to go ballistic over this letter. After all, that’s the person who for a decade you’ve accused of killing your mother. That actually isn’t the case. Kanye posted the letter on Twitter thanking him for reaching out and is looking forward to sitting with him to start the healing process. We’re all for seeing this next chapter in their relationship. We only hope it doesn’t end in a Tanya Harding situation.

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