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Kanye West Reveals He’s Taking Medication Following a Breakdown + had Lipo Because of TMZ

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 02 May 2018 04:05 AM / No Comments

A lot has been happening with Kanye West lately. The Trump support and free thinking happened and people are still processing it. He trolled the internet with a track with the word poop in it about 15 times. The track was actually good. Yesterday he had a chat with TMZ that didn’t quite end so well. The first I heard were requests to have him “canceled” again which… in 2018 is a normal Tuesday so I wasn’t that alarmed until I saw people saying he said slavery was a choice. That I had to see for myself. Of course that isn’t what he said. He stated that to remain in slavery for 400 years sounded like a choice, hinting that an uprising could very well be within the realm of possibility. Then there’s the irony of people who asked how were they to do that without weapons as if there is not a current movement to disarm people. Also, slaves outnumbered their masters so technically he was right there.

Beyond that, Kanye said he had a breakdown around the time of his wife Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery in 2016 as the event made him feel helpless. He also stated when he’s been taking medication since and has actually been happy the event happened because he’s been able to take more control of his life. Being on stage 4 nights a week didn’t help either. He also had lipo because he was tired of TMZ calling him fat and stood by the decision stating Kim’s younger brother Rob Kardashian didn’t attend their wedding because TMZ was doing just that, mocking his weight. He also went over how his opioid addiction happened. It was a result of his liposuction, and not just because he wanted something fun to try as many might be inclined to believe.

Kanye’s interview was rather erratic but in looking at the situation objectively, we know that Kanye, in all of his epic creativity has shown a level of vulnerability and fragility that simply is wrong to mock. On the Breitbart podcast #DidSheSayThat with Sonnie Johnson, instead of making fun of Kanye when he went to the hospital last year, we prayed for him, a much more appropriate reaction to the situation. Also, keep in mind that TMZ literally drives people up the wall anyway. It’s as if their job is to bring the worst out of people so the fact a portion of the interview showed Kanye going off is completely understandable.


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