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Kandi Burruss Gets Accused of Trying to Rape RHOA Co-Star Porsha Williams

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 06 Mar 2017 17:38 PM / No Comments

Last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was full of sexual tension now turned rage between stars Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams as Porsha dropped some serious bomb shells about Kandi. It had recently been whispered among the cast that Kandi was a lesbian, leading her to share her own set of facts about Porsha. She said they kissed in a club and Porsha revealed she wanted not only to “eat” her but to do so until she c*me. Whoa. Whether or not this was true or lovers scorned, despite the fact they both are in relationships with men with, Porsha upped the anti last night.

Porsha said that she was called and told that Kandi told someone that she and her husband Todd Tucker planned on drugging her and bringing her back to their sex dungeon. This came after Kandi brought out text messages from 3 years ago that Porsha had sent her, printed and passed out to everyone during dinner in Maui like Show and Tell. Kandi leaped out of her seat in fighting stance letting Porsha know that it took everything in her not to choke her or more specifically “choke the sh** out this b****” and had to be held back. We know that a lot of reality television involves people acting for the camera but as Kandi said in her confessional that she has been in the industry since a young age and from what she had witnessed would never attempt anything with drugs.

Making such an accusation could permanently ruin her reputation and stick with her for life. When she pointed this out, it meant nothing to Porsha. Even Sheree had enough sense to jump in and say “leave that drug stuff alone.” In her confessional she said that goes from surface shade to libel. Well, it’s technically defamation but the point is well taken. And Kandi ended it by saying she would sue her if she kept saying it. These are accusations that took down Bill Cosby and permanently stained the names of many others in Hollywood, true or not, so Kandi’s rage is understood and just for safe measure, she should still Porsha for so recklessly taking it there. If you have the resources to go after people for defamation you absolutely should.

Glitzers, watch Kandi’s explanation of what happened in Maui below:


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