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K-POP NATION: 9Muses A Makes A Gorgeous Debut With ‘Lip2Lip’

By Michael Mirrorcle / Published on Thursday, 04 Aug 2016 14:10 PM / No Comments

As sub-units go, they either explore a new sound and concept for the group or they are just an excuse for another release to keep interest in the group. We’ve seen Sistar19 and TaeTiSeo leans towards the latter. Which isn’t a bad thing. If it’s not broke, why fix it?

9Muses have been fractured for some time after their incredible and (underrated) string of incredible comebacks in 2013. Once LeeSim, Sera, Eunji, Euaerin, and Minha left the group one by one it was probably time to call it quits. Though Star Empire added Keumjo and Sojin who have made fine additions to the group, they core members have all left the group. Sagacious puppeteers they are over at Star Empire, they created a sub-unit in their stead.

9Muses A features Kyungri, newbies Keumjo & Sojin, and the last surviving original muse Hyemi. This lineup was obvious from the start. Kyungri has become the face of 9Muses and Hyemi is lead vocalist for them. Their debut mini-album Muses Diary features the infectious lead single Lip2Lip. The song was produced by Jung Chang-wook who produced their highest charting single Drama and album track Ping from Prima Donna. It has the quirky melody and a funky bassline.

9M-- -- USES2

The drum loop is amazing and will sound great during live stages. Sojin steps in a the rapper and does a good job. Her rap section is better than Eunji and Sungah but not as good as Queen Euaerin. Still a great effort. Kyungri, Hyemi and Keumjo sound great as always. The chorus is very catchy too. The middle eight kind of comes out of nowhere with this burst of energy and fervor. I hate that the song ends so abruptly. The video is really pretty and the point-dance is clever and catchy. I wish there more shots of them dancing. The color scheme was great and seeing Hyemi get hot and bothered over that guy’s abs was amazing. The mini-album also contains the dance-pop lush of Shh! and the melodramatic ballad Monster. Let’s hope this song does well for the girls. 9Muses A Fighting!

9M-- -- USES


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