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Jay Leno Returns to the ‘Tonight Show’ to Roast both Trump and the Clintons

By PopGlitz Staff / Published on Friday, 07 Apr 2017 13:14 PM / No Comments

After leaving The Tonight Show 3 years ago, Jay Leno returned to warm up Jimmy Fallon’s audience and that is exactly what he did and seemingly without missing a step since his time away from the show. For the opening he gave a more politically diverse monologue than what we’re used to hearing with him attacking both Trump and the Clintons.

“Trump said he won’t throw out the first pitch [at the Opening Day of baseball]. He’s skipping the correspondents’ dinner. Is he that thin-skinned?” Leno asked aloud. “You know, if this guy was any more of a p—y, he could grab himself.”

“And where are all these jobs? Where are all these jobs Trump promised?” he continued. “You know, Sears just announced they’re closing 42 stores. You know what that means? Lost jobs for 42 sales clerks.”

He also revisited his famous “The economy is so bad” punch lines so for the Trumpers out there, take no offence. He does this throughout administrations and both good and bad economic times.

“The economy is so bad, the only people jumping the White House fence are contractors trying to get Trump to pay their bills,” he said. “The economy is so bad, Kellogg’s had to sell Tony the Tiger to a Chinese zoo. … The economy is so bad, a family in Africa has adopted Madonna. … The economy is so bad, Kathie Lee and Hoda have taken side jobs as bartenders just for the free drinks.”

“After Anthony Weiner’s last scandal, he actually called Bill Clinton to apologize,” he said. “See, that’s when you know your life has gone off the rails: when your sexual behavior offends Bill Clinton.”

“Speaking of the Clintons, last Saturday, Bill asked Hillary to renew their wedding vows,” he continued. “Yeah. Well, it’s something he does every April Fools’ Day.”

The taping occured in Florida for the grand opening of Jimmy Fallon’s new Universal Studio ride, “Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon,” quite an impressive feat for a late night talk show host.

Glitzers, watch Jimmy Fallon’s monologue taking on Trump and the Clintons below:


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