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Is the Grande Dame of Potomac, Karen Huger Getting a Divorce from the Broke Black Bill Gates?

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 15 May 2018 16:31 PM / No Comments

We love Karen Huger; we do. But this title was necessary. When you posture yourself to be the epitome of what everyone else wants to be and in front of the world, you need to make sure you have your bag secured, and at least to keep your lifestyle up for more than the next 12 months. For those who don’t know, Karen Huger is the star of Real Housewives of Potomac, Bravo’s second attempt at having a series in the nation’s capitol after the epic bust that the Real Housewives of DC turned into when the Salahis sucked all of the air out of the room.

Ms. Huger spent the first season teaching etiquette to the rest of the ladies in the franchise. Fast forward 2 years later she’s renting the perfect television ready home but outside of Potomac, Maryland. The rest of the cast questions if she even lives in the home and footage of Gizelle Bryant sneaking up to the house ringing the door bell in the middle of the night to check for signs of life should be airing soon as well. She probably got sick of people talking about her 20 year old kitchen as well. You can’t boast about the millions you make when your kitchen is as old as your children.

During this week’s episode, Charrisse Jordan revealed that Karen was drunk and revealed to her while on a girl’s trip that her husband, Ray Huger asked for a divorce. While the conversation had been on Monique Samuels for crashing her car after a couple martinis and being overworked (at least she does work, unlike others) it looks like Karen’s own drinking has caused her to spill the beans on something that was meant to be a secret. At the same time, the conversation about Mr. Blue Eyes, the man she’s allegedly been cheating with, (this season’s Mr. Chocolate a la Phaedra Parks) came back up. Supposedly according to Gizelle, not only have they been cheating together as they’re both married, they’ve been going out in public together to the very same restaurants the rest of the cast go to. The trip, by the way was held at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania and is sponsored by Ashley Darby *cough, Bravo* because we’ve seen what she considers a girls’ trip. In her defense, when it comes to her last girl’s trip, Ashley had it at a summer home her husband Michael Darby owns so at least it was a place of HERS. But what do you expect when your man is known around town for swinging his d*ck around out in the community? Ashley said there have been no witnesses to her husband’s so called indiscretions, but that’s because he has a second home of his own to take the guys to. #StayWoke.

While we cannot confirm these cheating allegations from Ms. Huger or even if her divorce is completely inevitable, there are a few tell tell signs here. Karen has repeatedly said that her husband is having financial issues and not her. She has made it LOUD and clear on several occasions how she is financially independent from her husband and that would not be something one would do if you weren’t keeping your coins clear in the event you have to roll out. It’s also a form of projection as it sounds as though she’s thinking ahead regarding moving on. Spilling out your guts over wine is also something people headed to divorce do, not to mention the test driving of your driver, (yes I said driver, and not car) to at least hold you over until the next sugar daddy comes along. Is it an unfair statement to say that Uncle Ben aka the Broke Bill Gates as Gizelle and Charisse call Ray, a sugar daddy to Karen Huger? Possibly, but when we find evidence of Karen doing anything besides being a kept woman who just now decided to branch out on her own in her middle age, we’ll lighten up. Until then, it’s hard to see anyone get divorced, but when your husband is having financial issues and you go out of your way to contribute to them, buying cars and all on his dime along with starting expensive businesses that he is on camera warning you will be a financial strain, some things you bring on yourself.

FYI – our article on Ashley Darby’s husband was just featured for the second time on last week’s episode

Glitzers, do you think Karen Huger will be getting a divorce? Do you think they should?


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