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Interview: Celestial Pop Queen Kat Solar Takes Us To “Infinity” And Beyond

By Michael Mirrorcle / Published on Thursday, 22 Oct 2015 21:50 PM / No Comments

In a place across the galaxy, there lived a benevolent queen named Kat Solar. She lived in the warmth of eternal light. As time went on, she ascended to a place that needed her benevolent light the most: Earth. Kat has been getting a lot of buzz from the music press including the Advocate, Out Magazine and NewNowNext. The Ralphie Rosario remix of Infinity reached the top 20 on the Billboard Dance Charts. In between recording for her new EP and rehearsing for her live shows, we got a chance to speak with her:

Kat Solar 1

When did you get your start as a singer?

I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I would make up songs and stories all the time and play dress and make believe. I lived in my imagination as a child. Not much has changed I guess. (smiley face)

How did you come up with your stage name Kat Solar?

Solar came about during a very difficult time for me. I struggle with depression and was at an all time low. In many ways, I think she was a light that rose out of this dark time in my life. She embodied everything I felt like I was not: strong, brilliant, sexy, powerful, a femme fatale. She was almost an escape for me into this fantasy life where I could be anything and do anything. For ‘Snake Eyes’ I imagined her as what James Bond might be like if he were a female. She sort grew into a superhero in my imagination. And in our fantasies we can truly be whatever we want so naturally the fantasy went further and grew for ‘Infinity’ to where Solar to me is an other worldly queen perhaps from another universe or dimension just taking human form but maybe not even human.

When you were creating this persona, what factors were important to you as an artist?

Solar is full of light and powerful like the sun. I think we all have these things, these ideas inside of us that we can easily lose sight of when life gets us down. I hope Solar can inspire people to remember their own light and power inside. I wanted her to radiate that feeling. Its very important to me that she is seen as a powerful woman and positive force.

If you could describe your musicality in four words what would it be?

I’m happy you said “if I could”…(haha)

Why did you decide to sing Dance/Electronic music over other genres?

I never really decided. That’s just the direction this album started to take. I think I was really attracted to that sound and it ended up being a whole album. “Infinity” album had a lot of different influences and inspirations. Each song tells it own story and comes from a personal place. Its EDM with heart and soul. I think everything starts with a good song. My new album is much more dance EDM driven in terms of the production, but I think you could take any of the songs and play them on acoustic guitar or piano and have a completely different sound. In fact, I did that with Infinity and a new song called Never Stop. It was really fun to strip them down and sing them that way with just me and guitar.

Who are your musical heroes?

I have so many that inspire me for many different reasons. One of my early memories is listening to old Beatles songs on an actual record player my parents had! I loved Diana Ross and the Supremes. I loved their costumes and the songs. I would dress up and act out performances to their greatest hits. I loved Michael Jackson and Prince and Madonna. Annie Lennox really inspired me both with her sound and visually. Joni Mitchell, Alanis, Imogen Heap. These are woman I constantly go back and listen too.

Could you tell us how your new single Infinity came about?

Infinity came to me as a powerful concept that I couldn’t quite put into words or wrap my arms around. There was one day when I was writing and that word just appeared and stared at me like Wow! Thats something. Infinite love. Infinity. I started thinking about how everyone and everything is connected. Infinity is a love song, but there is something much bigger in the message. I wanted to write something positive that expresses that feeling. It’s a song that I felt would connect people and make people happy. And on a lighter note I thought people would have a lot of fun dancing to it.

Is Infinity inspired by a personal story about your love life?

Recently, I was asked this question and it was difficult to answer. I said, “I had struggled from a heartbreaking relationship that left me broken and all but dead. Like it was that kind of ending. Then after time I met someone who I really fell deeply in love with. I think I was in a place where I felt love in a different way for the first time. But you think about all these things and the connections between everything and why it all happens and what it all means. Nothing is more profound than working through pain.”

But to go even further, I think Infinity is inspired by many loves stories in my life, past and present. Its also inspired by the deeper connections to close friends and family. I would even go so far as to say its about a love affair with life and the experiences we have in this brief time on Earth.

Kat Solar 2

The video for Infinity is very cosmic and dreamy. What was the concept for the video?

Infinity music video begins with a star being born out of the darkness. We wanted the viewer to watch as our celestial goddess, Kat Solar, takes physical form as a human like creature in order to experience how all is connected. Our other worldly queen becomes a personification of the infinite life force and ultimately reaches oneness with the universe. In this journey through space and time she has all the power of creation at her disposal and experiments with different forms and environments. In this intimate state, glimpses and shadows are shown to her until the final moment arrives and she understands. She opens her heart and mind to become one with all the universe

While watching the video, I noticed how the video starts with your emerging from darkness with a burst of light and ends in darkness. It brought to mind the Big Bang. What was the symbolism behind that scene?

That’s very interesting. I love that it made you think of the Big Bang. Yes, again we were playing on the idea of a star being born out of the darkness. Also the idea that we are so much more than the physical body or form we take. I wanted to show how our souls dwell inside our body like light.

Kat Solar 3

There were a lot of fashion moments in the video. What was your favorite costume from the video?

I don’t know if I can choose a favorite. The costume with the headpiece and short rhinestone dress I helped to design. The headpiece was intended to look like an extension of my body like antlers or some beautiful decorative feathers like some birds have. During these scenes I imagined Solar was still caught between worlds and figuring out what a human body might feel like and look like. Its as though I am learning and unsure and still haven’t quiet figured it out so could be part bird or animal or flower even. I loved adding the shaggy white coat because it felt almost like an animal or a bird. Like I hadn’t quite figured out what humans would look like so I was still part bird.

I also loved the beaded dress that I wear in the mirrored room. It was very heavy but it felt like a dress an other-worldly queen would wear especially when we added the silver waist band which gave it me a powerful almost warrior-esque feeling.

With your debut single Snake Eyes being dark and moody, what inspired you to do something so light and ethereal like Infinity?

I think it felt like the world she was in at that moment. Like I’d journey’d through a darker forest and reached this other place. There are some darker moments in the new songs and certainly in the new show coming up.

What can we expect from your new EP?

I love these songs so much and I can’t wait to share them. So excited for people to hear!


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