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Instagram Model Dwayne Mckell Has Some of the Best Nudes Out

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Sunday, 18 Jun 2017 11:01 AM / No Comments

Dwayne Mckell is someone known for perfecting the art of the thirst trap. It’s almost inexplicable the things he has done on camera by himself with his tongue and his dancing. He’s also known for doing several minutes of dirty story telling on Snapchat and by now his v-cut his infamous and can be pointed out without seeing his face. Not long ago he started making and selling uncut videos of himself that he sells on ConnectPal. It’s a video service mostly used for speakers and exercise instructors to sell videos of themselves but he’s Dwayne’s helped give the service a new meaning.

Now usually when people are teases, and for extended periods of time, by the time they do the big reveal, they don’t live up to the hype. Well that is absolutely not the case with Mr. Mckell, and we refer to him by his last name here because he has a grown man D and has every right to brag.

He’s also done a little modeling with Dominic Brown Photography and honestly, we wish he’d do more of it because this Trey Songz lookalike does amazing in front of the camera. He’s even recorded some rap tracks and called them #NaughtyGang. He sells #NaughtyGang apparel as well and if anyone deserves that name, he does.

Glitzers, check out Dwayne Mckell and his mouth watering nudes below:

Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat: MckellDwayne, DwayneMckellXX | ConnectPal | Our last article on Dwayne

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