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I.O.I Reimagines Salt-N-Pepa’s Classic ‘Whatta Man’

By Michael Mirrorcle / Published on Tuesday, 09 Aug 2016 10:03 AM / No Comments

Covers and reworks are always a tough affair. It’s easy to run the risk of doing a direct cover that doesn’t live up to the original or trying to really think outside the box with the song. Luckily this time it works well.

I.O.I’s newly formed sub-unit debuts with a twist on a rap classic, Whatta Man. It’s obvious from the spelling that they were channeling Salt-N-Pepa’s version of the song and not the original song What A Man by Linda Lyndell which of course Salt-N-Pepa sampled for their song.

i.o.i. whattaman

To really capture the essence of Salt-N-Pepa, I.O.I had to crank up the rapping and inject some soulful melisma to their vocals. En Vogue is a tough act to follow as they were featured on Salt-N-Pepa’s version. I.O.I isn’t a direct cover. It has its own flair and KPop added to make it their own. The video is cute and pretty.

The dance sequences are pretty good and the girls bring a good energy to the movements. The styling for the video is great. The black outfits look amazing. However, they do look an awful lot like Girls Generation look for You Think. Take a look at the video and the live performances below:



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