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Hillary Clinton, #LockHerUp & More w/JaVonni & Sonnie Johnson for Breitbart Podcasts

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 28 Jul 2016 15:45 PM / No Comments

For this segment of conservative speaker Sonnie Johnson’s Did She Say That show on Breitbart Podcasts,’s JaVonni Brustow came in chanting #LockHerUp, referencing the Republican National Convention’s repeat chants throughout the week to lock up Hillary Clinton. Sonnie and JaVonni both denounced the Trump delegate who called for Hillary being shot by firing squad and settled on agreeing that prison works just fine. Other topics discussed were Melania Trump’s speech, Hillary Clinton’s VP pick Tim Kaine and how he destroyed transportation in Virgina, Muhammad Ali’s son leaving his wife and 9 children after getting an $80 million inheritance and fellow Breitbart podcast host Milo Yanniapoulos being banned from Twitter over his tweet war Leslie Jones.

The show was closed in the third segment with President Obama’s declaration to America that contrary to what Donald Trump is saying, the country is quite safe, and much more so than when Ronald Reagan was in office. Apparently his #BlackLivesMatter supporters are protesting for their health, and that the country has the highest increase in homicides since 1990 according to The Washington Post.

Sonnie Johnson is a conservative speaker, Breitbart contributor, host of the Did She Say That Breitbart podcast, Editor of and can be found on Twitter at @SonnieJohnson. JaVonni Brustow is a conservative blogger, Founder of, Principal of VM3 Media and can be found on Twitter at @VonniMediaMogul.

For more episodes which are guaranteed to leave you asking “Did She Say That,” and the rest of episode 19 where Sonnie tells a personal story in the first segment about #BlackLivesMatter, subscribe to Sonnie Johnson’s Did She Say That show on Breitbart Podcasts here.

Glitzers, listen to our Founder JaVonni Brustow on Sonnie Johnson’s podcast, Did She Say That below:

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