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Here’s the Run Down on Why Nipsey Hussle Pimp Smacked Staff at the BET Awards

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 25 Jun 2018 16:18 PM / No Comments
Photo Credit: TMZ

I hate to say it but every time we go somewhere there’s always that one black person that can’t act right. You know… can’t take their ass NOwhere. And that was rapper Nipsey Hussle who was caught on camera pimp smacking someone in the parking lot of the BET Awards like he was Sidney Poitier from In the Heat of the Night or The Godfather. No one knew what happened at first other than the fact that there is no more sure of a sign an event is ghetto besides people getting beat down outside in the parking lot.

Apparently Nipsey pulled up in a Benz and his Security guard got out to move a cone so he could drive in a restricted area. BET staff weren’t having it. The guard with BET knocked the cone out of the man’s hand and Nipsey upstaged him with a pimp smack across the face. But just why did he go from 0 to 1000 so quickly? Well, he was late for rehearsal.


What I will give him credit for is doing just what we all have wanted to do at least one time or another in life. If I’m late, the last thing I need is for you to stand here in my face and argue with me about a cone making me circle around and further be late playing in L.A. traffic. Then you hit ’em with the #LookBitchImRickJames and you’d better stop crying before I hit you again. He continued on with his performance like nothing happened which is a lot more than the rest of us could say if we tried that. Then again he’s also a known Crip so, they tend to go by different rules in life.

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No arrests have been made yet but he’s been made a suspect in a battery investigation. It looks like that scene of him running from the feds in the Hussle and Motivate video from earlier in the year he was trying to make happen for real.

Glitzers, watch Nipsey Hussle hit the BET Awards staff with Rick James pimp smack below:


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