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Help Support the LGBT Documentary ‘Out Of The Box’

By PopGlitz Staff / Published on Monday, 03 Apr 2017 17:53 PM / No Comments

The LGBTQ community for decades has been battling the world to be treated like human beings and to not be viewed as disease infested trojans. The media was very opposed to LGBTQ people being featured on prime-time television in the early days. The first openly gay character was brought to America’s living rooms in ’71 in the Norman Lear sitcom; All In the Family. As a matter a fact, the first ever on-screen kiss between members of portrayed LGBTQ characters happened in 1991 in thr series LA Law and this was with two women. Two men kissing on prime-time didn’t happen ’til almost ten years later.

But Hollywood has come a long way since then and the unending fight for visibility and equality has paved the way for most other positive development in the LGBTQ community. Today however, that same medium – television – has created the greatest threat to the basic civil rights of the LGBTQ community. Homophobia has been emboldened by a climate of anti-political correctness that is being strongly endorsed by the current president of the United States.

Mr. President, prior to being elected, out of his own face stated, that he would strongly consider appointing justices to overrule the decision on same-sex marriage. Now that he is President, the LGBTQ community is feeling his venom. One of the first actions of the Trump administration was to repeal laws protecting transgender youth. There’s no telling what’s next.

Out of the Box, under the guidance of Executive Producer Wilson Cruz, will – “for the first time — tell the complete story of the unique role television has played in advancing LGBTQ rights. It will also pull back the curtain to reveal how the new reality on television is threatening to turn back the clocks, slam the closet door, and make America straight again”.

More than 39 people who have played major roles in that story – from Neil Patrick Harris to Laverne Cox, from Jussie Smollett to Rachel Maddow – have already been interviewed for Out Of The Box. But there are still important figures from the history of LGBTQ television with whom conversations need to be had; but your financial support is needed to help to capture and preserve these stories.

Be an advocate of action. Follow the link and support this noble cause.


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