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Is Healthcare a Right? We Break Down the Argument Here

By PopGlitz Staff / Published on Friday, 24 Mar 2017 09:45 AM / No Comments

As Congress is set to vote on President Trump’s healthcare bill today, we thought that this would be a great time to remind the public that healthcare is not a right. Using a compilation of social media posts by JaVonni Brustow, we have it all explained here. Let us know if you agree or disagree below.

For the sake of clarification, healthcare is not a right. Just because you want something and it would make life easier does not make it a right. A right is something that is irrevocable and given by God.

Rights are things afforded to you that do not involve other people. Freedom of speech does not require anyone listening. Freedom of press does not involve anyone having to read and healthcare cannot be a right because since you cannot be your own doctor, you cannot force someone else to give you healthcare.

The United States and the Constitution were created out of a desire for less government and certainly not to be burdened with a healthcare law that says how many people you can hire and to determine what insurance policies are acceptable by government standards.

For the longest time, full time work has been forty hours but under Obamacare, it is thirty and under these new guidelines if you have over fifty fulltime employees, you are required to provide healthcare. However to get around those requirements, companies try to keep their fulltime staff below that fifty-number mark.

The federal government should not run healthcare anyway. Any industry that the federal government touches, it ruins. Amtrak, the postal service and public education are all prime examples of that fact.

Unfortunately, the Affordable Care Act is not affordable. In his outgoing year, Obama announced that premiums on average will rise 70%.

One other thing about affordability is that you cannot lower prices if you do not what the price is. For some funny reason, healthcare prices are never made public. It would be desirable for healthcare companies to list their prices.

On the other hand, the profits of the top ten insurers have multiplied since Obamacare was implemented. It seems that the law hugely benefited Obama’s friends in the healthcare industry. They get away like bandits while the rest of us suffer because of this burdensome liberal idea.

Even one of the Obamacare is on record admitting that it was a lie and sham. The whole premise of the bill was false and many Republicans warned of its implosion.

President Obama refuted the idea that illegal immigrants would qualify for Obamacare. Well, California has started the process for exactly that to happen.

Then many bring up the car insurance argument. However, car insurance is not the same as health insurance and they need to stop trying to equate the two.

First thing, health insurance is to cover practically every issue with dealing maintaining the health of the body from cancer screenings to regular checkups to dental visits. Car insurance only protects against catastrophe. It does not cover gas, oil changes, tune-ups or even tire rotation. It is literally comparing apples to oranges.

By the way, you do not have to maintain car insurance to own a car. However in several states, you have to maintain car insurance to have the privilege to drive a car. Let us ask, “What privilege it is for the federal government to mandate that it citizens maintain health insurance?” Are you going to be denied the privilege to be a citizen if you do not maintain health insurance?

Proclaiming that “Healthcare is a right!” is just another empty slogan that makes the liberal Democrats feel good about themselves for passing the Affordable Care Act but creating another entitlement did not address the underlying issues to resolve the problem of rising healthcare premiums and to a significant degree, the Affordable Care Act actually made the problem even worse and unless those underlying issues are addressed, the problem will never be fixed.


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