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Happy Birthday to Radio Icon and Legend Doctor Michael Savage

By Nick Poling / Published on Friday, 31 Mar 2017 10:24 AM / No Comments

Today Dr. Michael Savage of The Savage Nation radio talk show turns 75. Michael may be the hardest working man in radio at any age. Over the past election year Michael Savage hosted Donald Trump to several key and eye opening interviews that instilled hope for a better future for the country for all that heard it. It is definitely no coincidence that Dr. Savage’s influence on Donald Trump helped shape some of Trump’s political views as well as help him get elected.

In addition to hosting a daily radio show Dr. Savage has also written several New York Time’s Best Sellers including his more recent book “Trump’s War”. The book’s week one sales landed it in the number one spot in the best sellers list. Michael is no stranger to being a number one or top selling author with his books. However, the most interesting part of all this is that he does not appear on any mainstream media shows to talk about his book or promote himself. All this is done solely from his radio broadcast and by word of mouth. It is an incredible feat to be a number one best selling author and more so impressive to have this done without any mainstream media support or conventional marketing.

Within the past year Dr. Savage was also inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame on November 18th, 2016. After this induction Dr. Savage received a phone call from Laura Ingram during a live broadcast to congratulate him on his award. It was a classy act as often radio personalities can be in direct or indirect competition to each other. Instead Laura showed superb class in her call, and they had a brief and very pleasant conversation where Dr. Savage endorsed the idea of Laura being a Press Secretary for Donald Trump.

75 years strong Dr. Savage is a legend in his own day and often under appreciated. His message of “language, culture, and borders” has been a staple of his show and political viewpoints throughout the years. More voices of sense and reason like his are needed.

Happy Birthday Doctor Michael Savage!

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