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Gospel Artist James Hall is Suing Alleged Gay Lover

By Patrick Washington / Published on Sunday, 25 Jun 2017 21:25 PM / No Comments

James Hall, the famed Gospel singer, is suing Bishop Jeffery Thomas over the Bishop claiming that the two were in a romantic relationship. Bishop Thomas is stating that the two men were lovers and that is the reason why he relocated from North Carolina to live with Hall in New York.

Hall unequivocally denies the claims stating that he was only helping the Bishop recover from an unnamed sickness.

Mr. Thomas has never expressed any purpose to his actions other than some imagined relationship he believes he has with me, and is nothing more than a disgruntled fan. – (James Hall)


Let us wonder would any other music artist let a fan move in with them? If Bishop Thomas was only a fan, the question is has Mr. Hall ever allowed another fan to live with him? Stories have the two meeting at a church event in 2015. It was not too long after that Bishop gave up his ministry to be with Hall. Well, we do not want to insinuate anything but it sounds extremely suspicious, to say the least. However, the gospel singer is adamantly denying any type of romantic involvement. We would definitely like to give James the benefit of the doubt but by that same token, we should give the Bishop benefit of the doubt as well.

Right now, we can flatly say it is one man’s word against the other’s. However, we might not completely be able to say that. Let us not kid ourselves. It is known fact that the gospel music industry (especially in the Black Church) has more than their fair share of homosexuals and bisexuals. Although for a myriad of reasons, there are many on the down-low as they say but there are just as many that are open secrets and they range from your flaming queen variety to the masculine type as well. I have never seen James Hall in person but by looking at some of his photos, my gaydar is blinking on Richter scale levels. Although we cannot judge a book by its cover, the fellow’s flamboyant dressing style does send out some signals. On top of that, some of his mannerisms are quite feminine as well. I really hate to load on this brother but I have watched him sing and if you were just listening to his voice, you would think that it was a woman singing.

Again, I am not trying to out or bash the brother because I understand that in the so-called church world, being openly gay is a great affront to the sensibilities of church folks while on the other hand, the same people that do the most condemning of gays are the main ones that are on the down-low.

Moreover, there are pictures floating around the internet like the one above with the two men being a little more affectionate than two heterosexual men would be with each other. The picture above has the Bishop shirtless (if we that it was really only shirtless) with Mr. Hall in a onesie on a bed. There is another picture with the two having lips really close together puckering up to one another. That one picture reveals that there is something else more going on between the two than a platonic relationship.

However, for some reason, this whole scandal began when the Bishop started to post pictures of him and Hall together. He also alleges that Hall is romantically involved with another man, Pastor Kevin Bond, a former member of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church (Atlanta, Georgia) under Bishop Eddie Long.

Bishop Thomas was threatening to release sex tapes but the court has placed a gag order (no pun intended). By the way, Hall is trying to get a whopping $15 million for damages.


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