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Fyre Festival Organizers Sued For $100m

By Shk / Published on Monday, 01 May 2017 18:36 PM / No Comments

Big trouble for Mr. McFarland and Ja Rule.    Pop Glitz has unearthed court documents from  Daniel Long, one of the many wealthy young attendees of the disastrous Bahamas adventure.   In the docs, we’ve discovered that McFarland and Ja Rule have been accused of more than a dozen counts of fraud;  false advertising, entrapment, and flat-out scams.

The event took place over the weekend, where,  hundreds of wealthy young attendees flocked to the Bahamas in hopes of a celeb-friendly luxury weekend. What they got, uh, was perhaps  similar to something out of  Lord of the Flies.   Instead of celeb-friendly gourmet meals, they, uh,  instead got half-cooked grilled cheese sandwiches and slept in leftover tents from a refugee trip from a while back.

The documents were first discovered  after Bahamian authorities spoke to The Daily News.

Ja Rule was the first to quickly remove promotional posts from his Instagram Saturday after authorities stepped in attempting to reign in the fiasco,  safely, returning everybody to America as it was permitted by weather and travel. Meanwhile, Daniel Long (one of the many people suing Ja Rule and co)  has alleged that Ja Rule and McFarland knowingly ran a scam and “justice shall be served”. Meanwhile,   plaintiffs are seeking upwards of $5m each on the fraud charges alone.


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