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Former NBA Star Jason Maxiell Tells Iyanla He Cheated On His Wife with 341 Women

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 12 Sep 2018 11:03 AM / No Comments
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Former NBA star Jason Maxiell and his wife Brandi from Basketball Wives: LA went on Iyanla Vanzant’s show to discuss their marital issues. What began as a run of the mill cheating scandal and a drinking problem by an NBA player turned into something none of us could have expected. His wife said she was told he had slept with 8 women since they had been married. Iyanla said it was over 50. Considering they have been married for 9 years, that’s about 5 people a year. It turns out it was 341 he said. That’s an interesting number because for one, I would like to know how he managed to keep track? Was he using a notebook, and if so, did he not feel remorse every time he looked at it? His wife and mother both said he has a drinking problem, which he denies so it’s amazing he can even remember how many people he slept with with the 4+ daily beers he said he drinks.

His wife battled cancer, which he stayed with her during that process… but still cheated. Also note that the 341 women he cheated on her with was during their marriage of 9 years. They had been together for 17 years. After getting over the initial shock, his wife began crying and got up to walk out. Iyanla had warned her about asking for the number of women he had been with and told her the 341 shouldn’t bother her anymore than the 8 because it means she excused both behaviors. I disagree. For anyone to sleep with 341 people married or not, you likely need help. It’s usually people like that whose lives and careers have hit a rut and it’s their sexual proclivities getting the best of them that’s the cause for it. Iyanla held his head after his wife left the room letting him know that every lie he told, drink he downed and instance of cheating he engaged in was punishment to himself. Also to put it all in perspective, he played in 618 NBA games, so that’s a new woman about every 2 games. He retired from the NBA last year which would explain why the cheating is more problematic. He’s stuck home with his wife. It’s make or break time. Let’s hope he does the right thing.

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Glitzers, do you think these two are going to make it after him cheating with 341 women and while his wife had cancer?


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