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Fantasia – ‘The Definition Of…’ (Album Review)

By Michael Mirrorcle / Published on Wednesday, 03 Aug 2016 11:27 AM / No Comments

Artist: Fantasia
Album: The Definition of…
Genre: R&B/Soul
Score: 89/100
Standout(s): No Time For It, So Blue, When I Met You, Wait for You

Fantasia has been a consistent R&B act post-American Idol. Though her albums have become complacent and somewhat mediocre, the overall vocal quality still remained. Still, creatively she hit a wall. Straddling the fence of modern R&B and trendy hip-hop made her music become stagnant.
Her latest album The Definition Of sees Fantasia breaking from her usual template in favor of more experimental and daring sonics. The album opens with the funky jazz-trap fusion of Crazy. This mash-up of genres would usually end in complete failure but this song takes the best of each genre and blends them effortlessly. The electric guitar, the drum loop and horn section are exhilarating. It sounds similar to the Go-Go instrumentation made popular in recent years by Ameriie and Rich Harrison circa 2005.


The most breathtaking moment on the album comes in the form of the Neo-Soul aria So Blue. There’s so much drama and intrigue in this song. Fantasia talks about getting even with a cheating lover. She laments over making a rash decision in the heat of passion. The string section is mesmerizing and the guitar riff is rich. The lingering guitar section during the climax brings the song to a nice end. Fantasia’s soulful rasp to her vocal texture isn’t as prominent on this album. The easy breezy dance-pop of Wait For You was an unexpected cut. Fantasia’s enchanting voice invokes a sense of fantasy and romance.

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Fantasia has broken down the wall that hindered her growth as an artist. There comes a time when you have to experiment and breakaway from the norm. Complacency is a enemy of creativity. This album is an example of venturing into new frontier. It may not resonate well with longtime fans of her music but music aficionados will be able to appreciate the musicality and quality that has been injected into this album. Only Fantasia can define herself as an artists and it seems she has much to add to the definition.

The Definition Of...

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