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Eye Candy: The Glow-Up of Rapper EyeHatePhil + Interview

By PopGlitz Staff / Published on Wednesday, 16 May 2018 17:38 PM / No Comments

Rapper EyeHatePhil has been through quite the transformation over the last few years. Originally from Houston, he’s recently moved to Atlanta to expand his career. He did an interview with photographer Quar Brown where he discussed his journey in how he got to where he is now. He began with his friends who all came together as a family and used hate to motivate them to do better. The thing is that his name was Philly Phil at the time and he clearly must have read our minds because the first thing we thought about is how is he going to stand out with that name when there’s so many others who use it. And just like that, he chose to change his name to EyeHatePhil. While losing touch with some others in his clique, he’s clearly remained motivated.

EyeHatePhil Before

The first music video of his we covered, They Was Sleep from just a year and a half ago, he was much skinnier. He’s buffed up some now, continued to work on his craft and we’ve even seen the 6’3 rapper on VH1’s Leave it to Stevie and appeared in a video with Instagram stars KWay and Lala. In his interview with Quar Brown, he did say that he was concerned about what people thought about him rapping and modeling, but at least he’s able to do it. Obviously, everyone doesn’t have the looks for it and he does well in front of the camera. He says he’s learning how to make it work, and we believe he’s doing so quite well. We’re definitely proud of his progress.

Glitzers, check out the glow up of rapper and model EyeHatePhil below:
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Photo credits: EyeHatePhil’s Instagram

Video and image credits: EyeHatePhil’s Instagram


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