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EXPOSED: Misster Ray is Paying Vic to be His Boyfriend + Zell Swag & Vic’s Text Messages Surface

By PopGlitz Staff / Published on Monday, 11 Sep 2017 23:01 PM / No Comments

While I’m NOT exactly sure of why Zell Swag has beef with Misster Ray, I must admit that it’s VERY entertaining to watch, and as a fan of the show and a Gossip Columnist/ Entertainment News Writer, it also makes a great read.

Saying that, I stumbled upon a few messages and a video clip and their beef all seems to revolve around Ray’s boyfriend Vic The Leo. If you recall a few episode’s back, Misster Ray stated that he saw some messages between Zell and Vic, and Zell didn’t make things any better as he not only refused to deny the messages, he stated that “oral sex” was involved, at least allegedly.

Well it turns out that Zell and Vic actually had a few relations in the past and here are the text messages to prove it, thanks to BrokenSilenze:

And here is where things get more interesting. An alleged text between Vic and Ray has surfaced showing that Ray may have paid Vic to be his boyfriend this season:

And then there’s this text message:

Oh, and this video:

This is going to be one hell of a reunion and I for one cannot wait. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood airs on Mondays on VH1 at 8 EST/ 7CST. Be sure to tune in.


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