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Even the Producers of the Real Housewives of New York Are Tired of Bethenny & Jill Zarin Fighting

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Saturday, 16 Jun 2018 20:14 PM / No Comments
Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News; Bravo

Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel have been going at it for years. Bethenny we all know. She’s the SkinnyGirl franchise owner, today seen as the business savvy, self-made and likely most successful on the Real Housewives of New York. Jill is responsible for bringing Bethenny onto the show and after Bethenny saw immense success, it was as though she left her friend behind. At least that’s what Bethenny told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in 2015.

“[Jill] thought she was right, and she thought she was going to win the argument. And she let it go on, and I kept telling her, ‘You might want to nip this in the bud.’ And in the end, she didn’t look very good, and I think she felt that afterward Bethenny came out on top,” Bernstein said of the now cocktail mogul and philanthropist. “It was kind of sad to watch the demise of the friendship in a way,” she added.


Oftentimes you’ll see on the Atlanta franchise that NeNe Leakes will advise other women on the show to try and get along with other people. While it’s obviously good for the friendship, it’s good for ratings and most importantly, their future on the show. It’s one thing to have an issue with a castmate, but those are also your colleagues… whom you have to get along with in some capacity. No one wants to see a longstanding beef lasting for several years with no conclusion. It honestly gets tiring. That’s why for 10 years NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak have been falling out, vowing to never speak to each other again and inevitably getting back together. That’s just how television works.

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One of the show’s longtime producers Barrie Bernstein did an interview with Kate Casey for her podcast where he said he tried to squash the beef between Jill and Bethenny years ago.

“If I’m being fully honest, I remember watching that and thinking, ‘This is not good.’ It’s not good for the show, and it’s going on for too long, and it’s ugly.”

The feud was so bad that not only did Jill leave the show but so did Bethenny for a few seasons. And you’d better believe Jill had plenty to say about her in that time period over the years. When Bethenny first filed for divorce in 2013, Jill said Bethenny was on her way to a nervous breakdown, she said Andy Cohen hated her, and when Bethenny started her own talk show, Jill said Bethenny must be doing a Jerry Springer type of show. While that was obvious shade, it feeds right into what started the beef altogether. Bethenny told Jill to go get a hobby years ago and it seems she never got one. And if she HAD have gotten a Jerry Springer type of show, at least Springer has high ratings AND it’s one more show Jill doesn’t have.

Things do seem to be looking up for the two as Jill recently lost her husband and invited Real Housewives production outside to see how she was doing. As Murphy’s Law and the rules of reality television go, of course the funeral didn’t go down without incident. After the funeral, Jill chatted with Bethenny for a minute which ended in a Twitter dragging of Bethenny which we’re sure Jill secretly reveled in. Jill told Bethenny she was feeling alone and Bethenny responded saying she felt alone as well. The internet eas not amused and let her have it. Hey, it’s a start. Let’s hope these two can finally bury the hatchet and not in each other’s backs.

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