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Elections Have Consequences: The Unhopeful Consequences of Electing Obama!

By Patrick Washington / Published on Thursday, 22 Dec 2016 22:24 PM / No Comments

It was President Barack Obama that said, “Elections have consequences.” So as he is about to exit the White House on January 20, we would like to examine the consequences of him being elected president in 2008. The eight years of an Obama presidency have been marked by a greater racial divide, the rise of radical Islam within and outside the country, and a stagnant economy. When he was inaugurated, many were predicting that Obama will usher in a new era of “hope and change,” an era of a post-racial and a post-partisan America. Eight years later, we can reasonably conclude that he completely failed to bring any of that into fruition.

The early days of his administration proved that Obama was not even committed to bring any of that into fruition when he rammed his signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, through the Democratic-controlled Congress without one single Republican vote. Instead of reaching across the aisle to find a bipartisan consensus to tackle healthcare, his administration closed out Republicans and pushed a bill that drastically transformed the healthcare industry.

Then when the Affordable Care Act, nicknamed Obamacare, was implemented, many of the promises that were made to get it passed were revealed to be false. President Obama told the American people that “if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor.” Unfortunately, many Americans had to change their doctor directly due to Obamacare. Because of new policies and guidelines, several insurance companies were not able to operate causing them to limit their coverage area or go out of business completely and instead of lowering health care premiums, they are steadily on the rise.

According to a report from Freedom Partners cited by the Washington Free Beacon, “health insurance premiums have increased more than wages and inflation rising an average of 28% from 2009 to 2014,” and then according to a recent government report, premiums are expected to rise another 25% in 2017.

Unfortunately, the policies of this administration have shown little to no regard to the financial welfare of this country. Because of his inclination to spend money that we do not have, our national debt has grown from ten to a whopping twenty trillion dollars which adversely impacts the state of our economy and that is why he has presided over an economy that has not been able to grow annually by three percent. Annual growth by three percent signifies a healthy economy. Worst of all, the labor participation rate, the number of people in the workforce, has been the lowest in decades, which symbolizes a serious problem with chronic unemployment.

We all remember the Reverend Jesse Jackson crying on the night that Obama was elected the first black president. After all the struggles in our nation’s history, Obama’s election signified a watershed moment for race relations. Both his supporters and detractors alike were thinking that America has gotten beyond the racial divisions of the past.

However, that would not be the case and the newly elected president used his bully pulpit to help widen the racial divide. Right out the gate, President Obama began to insert himself into several racially charged stories across the country as in calling the cops that mistakenly arrested a Harvard professor as “acting stupidly.” Concerning the highly publicized Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case, he stated, “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

Elevating these incidents contributed to the false narrative that there was some type of orchestrated conspiracy by law enforcement to oppress and even murder innocent black men and women. This directly led to the rise of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, a movement that has called for the murder of cops and has caused riots in Baltimore, Ferguson and other cities around the nation.

Instead of challenging BLM, he invited them to the White House, fully embracing them, and his spokesman stated that “They’re exercising their freedom of speech. They’re exercising their freedom of assembly. That’s a good thing. That’s a good start.”


So, when the BLM protestors chant, “What do we want? Dead cops! And when do we want them? Now!” that is a good thing according to the Obama White House.

Throughout his presidency, Barack and his first lady, Michelle Obama, have not missed any opportunity to defame the nation that elected him twice as being shaped and molded by institutional racism. Then anyone that would criticize is labeled as a bigot or a racist. This has done nothing to bring the country together but has made it more difficult to close the divide and race relations have drastically deteriorated.

Lastly, this administration’s feckless foreign policy is directly responsible for the rise of radical Islamic groups, most noticeably ISIS, and has left the homeland vulnerable to terror attacks. The way that American troops were withdrawn from Iraq caused a vacuum in that region of the world in which ISIS was more than willing to fill to the great detriment of Shia, Kurds and Christians over there who are on the verge of being totally annihilated. On our own soil, we are regularly hearing the news of some radical Islamist that has committed some gruesome act or plotting to do so. The Orlando and San Bernardino massacres and the Boston marathon bombing were perpetrated by followers of Muslim extremism.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, First Lady Michelle remarked that “now, we know how not having hope feels like.” However if the American people is feeling unhopeful, it is not because of the incoming administration but it is definitely because of her husband’s outgoing administration that has put the country in a fiscal mess, that has stirred and ignited racial tensions every chance that they could get, and that has allowed radical Islam to get a stronghold in both the Middle East and on our own soil.


About Patrick Washington

Patrick N. Washington is a resident and native of Central Virginia. He has been engaged in political activism since he was a teenager. Patrick is the former vice-chair of the Petersburg Republican Committee. He presently serves as secretary of the Hopewell Republican Committee and as vice-chair of the Hopewell Electoral Board. He is also an ordained minister and has presided over the Enlightenment Synagogue since 2012.