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Drake Now Has the Most Hot 100 #1 Hits of Any Rapper with ‘In My Feelings’

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 16 Jul 2018 18:15 PM / No Comments
Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/AMA2016/FilmMagic

It’s 2018 and it’s now apparent that viral dances are the way to go to get a #1 hit these days. At least that’s the strategy Drake’s been following. Amd it’s a formula he’s been great at following as of late so this is good news for Drake and well, bad news for the likes of Mariah Carey. (I think she’s still struggling with her 2 step.) His latest single In My Feelings just became his third Hot 100 single off of his new album Scorpion with the others being Nice for What and God’s Plan. While some might have thought while he was riding around buying everyone in the grocery store food might have been a little indulgent, when it was all over it got him a Number One single. He’s now surpassed Diddy, Eminem and Ludacris, all who have 5 Hot 100 Number Ones.

But see Drake has always been the crossover king. He used to get clowned for his rap singing style but it got him a female audience. It’s a piece of advice Tami Roman gave Boonk Gang when it came to his sex tapes he’s been releasing online. (Oh yes, that’s a thing) She said you’re not going to have a girl in the mood playing nothing but “p*ssy, p*ssy, p*ssy. You need to try and switch it up just a little. And you’re not going to make it going around kicking women in the face like Kevin Gates for getting too close to you, either.

There was that color box video he did for the single Hotline Bling that even resulted in Donald Trump spoofing it on SNL himself. You can say what you want about the President; when he chooses to do your dance on national television, you’ve officially won. In My Feelings has garnered over 3.4 million tweets and has not seen a social media celebrity not attempt the dance on Instagram. Some people don’t quite get it because Masika Kalysha from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood said she doesn’t understand what type of celebrities have cars that keep going when you open the doors because hers cuts off. Oop. #Shade

Drake has been consistently outdoing himself lately. He is literally his only competition. He’s dethrowned himself atop of Billboard twice with In My Feelings kicking Nice for What out of the Number One spot which also took the place of God’s Plan at Number One. He’s only the fourth artist to dethrone himself in the top spot between Justin Bieber, Usher and The Beatles. And the exciting part about this is who would have thought around 30 years ago when rap was getting Congressional hearings dedicated to it to determine whether it was safe for the public that it would now be dominating the music industry? Kudos and good job, Drake.



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