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Donald Trump, Jr. Reportedly Had an Affair with Danity Kane Star Aubrey O’Day

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Sunday, 25 Mar 2018 15:37 PM / No Comments

Donald Trump is in the midst of so much scandal that he high tailed it out of Washington this week after throwing his hands up and approving the country’s largest spending bill in history. When you’ve got girl problems, specifically with Stormy Daniels, and you can’t pay people to keep quiet, it’s understandable. Then in the midst of it all, President Trump’s son Don Jr.’s wife Vanessa filed for divorce just a week ago.


Just why would a woman with 5 children by one of the most prominent and powerful names in the world want to drop it all and leave her husband? Well when your husband is cheating on you while pregnant with your 4th child, that would do it. Reportedly, former Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day was having an affair with her husband and so serious that Vanessa has put her child on the phone to personally ask Aubrey to stop it. Not that she cared anyway.

Aubrey has admitted in confessionals that she had a crush on Don Jr., and so much so that she was trying not to mess up. During a boardroom meeting with Donald Trump, she told him she wanted to be a part of the family. Even though that was television, name one time that is ever appropriate or not weird to say to your boss. She deserved being fired based on that one statement if you’d ask me. Arsenio Hall has said that the real action is what goes on behind the scenes at The Apprentice and Brandi Glanville has said a makeup artist told her that the winners are the ones who sleep their way to the top.

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On to the way the two met. Vanessa Trump, then Vanessa Kay Haydon said she met Don Jr. at a fashion show where his father introduced the two twice in the same night and the second time happened minutes after the first time as though they had never met. During the third time they met at a separate event, they didn’t recognize each other, then suddenly Vanessa said, “oh right, you’re the guy with the retarded father.”

Since the announcement of the divorce, Vanessa, who has always had a more demure presence in the White House is out on the beach today with her children. Aubrey O’Day on the other hand just had footage of an unreleased music video leaked to TMZ where she performed topless in 2012 covered in words like “Cheater,” “Liar,” and “Seduction.” Her name has skyrocketed in porn searches some 10,405% according to Pornhub as well with people looking for a sex tape of her with Don Jr. Her last tweet says she’s only interested in the things money can’t buy… yea, other people’s husbands. What would have been a normal split up if anyone else were involved is definitely not the case here given the wild card of Aubrey O’Day, the young attention whore that Diddy dropped citing the fact fame changed her. I’m just going to say that we’re going to be praying for all parties here, especially the Trump family men for their relationship ways. They’re the ones who need help the most.

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