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DJ Khaled Says Making the New Single ‘Shining’ with Beyonce Made Him Cry

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Saturday, 18 Feb 2017 14:30 PM / No Comments

DJ Khaled, the King of collaborations pulled the impossible this week after the Grammys, and that was pull Beyonce and Jay-Z together for features on his new single Shining. Much less features, the two hardly record together. Hell, they can’t even coordinate coinciding tour dates to be in the same city at the same time so to call DJ Khaled a miracle worker would be an understatement. In under 7 days the record has already been deemed a hit because after all, this is DJ Khaled we’re talking about. Everything the man touches turns to gold… and he did so with little effort. He says he put the entire record together in 24 hours, but not without personal sacrifice.

“Yes, it was less than 24 hours,” Khaled said. “I caught two colds in like a week and a half because of my nerves, and then once I got the record I got another cold, because I didn’t sleep. Safe to say I overdosed on Vitamin C.”

As for pulling Bey and Jay together, he says, “This is what they call dream team,” Khaled said. “Beyoncé don’t do no features. I haven’t heard one in a long time, so I’m very grateful. Jay Z, he don’t really do features either, you know what I’m saying. And every time we work we always win. To get the king and the queen together on one record, that was like, I cried, I ain’t gonna lie to you.”

Glitzers, watch DJ Khaled’s interview below discussing his new single Shining with Beyonce and Jay-Z below:


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