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Did You Know NFL Player Joe Anderson Had Such a Big D***?

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Saturday, 15 Jul 2017 15:50 PM / No Comments

Former Chicago Bears NFL player Joe Anderson… has a big d***. And it isn’t just that he has a big d*** but it’s one of those that ruins lives. The type you will make yourself available for at any time of the day, miss work for and devise a scheme to get rid of wifey because you want it for yourself. Oh, and he’s had a situation of his own.

Baller Alert reported some time ago that he gave a woman the D, told her it was hers, discussed future plans and hours after getting up out of the bed with her, changed his number and never said anything to her again. So not only is he working with some mind blowing D, he’s intentionally driving women crazy with it. It ended up making it to the blogs in a long, well written letter from the side chick right along with a pic of his piece which after taking a look at, it’s completely understandable why one would lose their mind for not being able to get it anymore.

Glitzers, check out Joe Anderson’s piece below and tell us if you think you can do anything with that.


JaVonni Brustow
Principal and Founder at VM3 Media
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