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Did Iggy Azalea Just Sneak Diss Her Ex Nick Young’s Sex Game?

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 26 Apr 2018 15:04 PM / No Comments

Iggy Azalea just went through what some would call the trial of the century regarding her relationship with the Golden State Warriors player Nick Young, similar in dramatics as the Cosby case that just reached a verdict today. Well, maybe not that much but hell, the woman admitted to lighting his clothes on fire. That’s serious. At least she did it without the publicity that Left Eye received. Their breakup was public, embarrassing… I mean, imagine if your man was caught on camera making light of the girls he cheated with to people who know he’s engaged. C’mon dog.

Well in a late night right, Iggy went on Twitter letting the world know what her turn ons. She said “I swear on everything I love if you never ate my p*ssy like it was a cup-o-noodls; I never really loved you” and included a pic of a cartoon character eating noodles. First of all, I thought white privilege shielded her from even knowing what a cup-o-noodles is in the first place. I kid, I kid. She did happen to mention to GQ last week that privilege does come with the color of your skin. With that admission she might finally get her career back on track because she’s been written off as a racist seemingly now for years.

But back to her noodle slurping rant. We get it Iggy. We’re just not convinced if it’s Nick she’s talking about. After all, she did get engaged to him although she said she hated him when they first met. Maybe she was trapping a baller…. or it could be all the guys she’s been linked to lately including Tyga and French Montana, the former she was seen out holding hands with recently. Does this mean Tyga’s head game is trash? You can’t be broke AND bad in bed… smh

Glitzers, who do you think Iggy was talking about not being able to slurp it like a cup-o-noodles?


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