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Dear Beyonce: No One Wants to See Your Husband, Joe Camel Naked in Bed, NO ONE

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 13 Jun 2018 04:13 AM / No Comments
Photo Credit: MimiMeowww/Instagram

Beyonce recently shared some official On the Run II tour book photos naked with her 48 year old husband Jay-Z. Keep in mind this isn’t Mario Lopez 40s hot but Joe Camel pot belly cold. Now… is this thing on? *taps mic* Am I live? Can you hear me? I want to make sure that I have everyone’s attention and that this next statement I’m going to make is understand. Beyonce? Now you might want to move your wig out of the way so you can hear what I’m getting ready to say. Beyonce, those pictures of you and your husband where you’re in the fetal position stark naked with your hands strategically covering your husband’s man boobs are exactly what 2018 did not ask for.

Consider this an intervention. This is the part where you need to end your beef with Kanye and get the number to his lipo doctor. He probably has some leftover opiods for the recovery. If you still have your doctor’s number from 07 before that BET Awards performance, that works too. We understand that for your last album you were breaking out car windows like Jazmine Sullivan and you want to show us that your relationship is fine, but this isn’t it. Donald Trump just met with Kim Jong Un and even that sight was an easier pill to swallow than these photos. Consider this a cease and desist order to stop the harassment.

These photos are inappropriate, unappealing to the eye and are a public health risk as viewing said images induces vomiting. In the words of David Hogg, hear our prayer America. Write your local representative and ask for relief from these oppressive images from the couple that have yet to learn when enough is enough and have become a living, breathing embodiment of the the phrase “jumping the shark” in which one has gone absolutely too far.

Glitzers, take a look at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s disgraceful On the Run II tour photos below:

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Photo Credit: MimiMeowww/Instagram

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