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K-POPNATION: Cosmic Girls Go To Infinity And Beyond In ‘Secret’ Comeback

By Michael Mirrorcle / Published on Thursday, 18 Aug 2016 22:33 PM / No Comments

This was quite an unexpected comeback. Cosmic Girls’ debut was lukewarm at best. They didn’t have their own identity. They seem to fade into the background like Lovelyz did until they released Destiny. This is definitely Cosmic GirlsDestiny.

Starship has taken strides to expand their roster outside of just Sistar who is their prized treasure. Monsta X and now Cosmic Girls have released incredible comebacks this year. Secret is remarkable in many ways.

cosmic girls secret4

The video for Secret is a treasure trove of magical references, space and time travel, and plus just gorgeous visuals. Aesthetically, this video is very strong. The magical and sci-fi aspects of the video are fantastic. There’s a deep sense of wonder and enchantment.

cosmic girls secret3

This is definitely a definitive video for their group. The song is just as amazing. It was composed by super producer (Nine Muses) and it has an infectious melody, bubblegum pop structure and bass line. Take a look at the incredible video below:

Cosmic Girls



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