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Convicted Wire Fraud Felon Cherita White Represents DC Government Corruption at its Finest

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 21 May 2018 11:37 AM / No Comments

A lot of effort had to be put into rehabilitating the reputation of local politics in DC in recent years following the collapse of Charter Health and the indictment of Jeff Thompson, known as the Governor of DC for the millions of shadow money he used to get candidates elected in Washington for years. Then of course there were the other Councilmembers who went off to prison and had their homes raided live on television, but that hasn’t stopped the tentacles of corruption in the nation’s capitol just yet. Recently serving in the role as a Committee Legislative Clerk for City Council is Cherita Whiting whose very name brings up a host of investigations and enormous paper trail of fraud, felonies undisclosed to DC city government, abuse of power and relationships in having a member of the police force fired and on and on.

It’s hard to understand how it could even be possible for a person like this to continue to work with city government under any capacity when she’s currently under a 5 year supervised probation for defrauding the Department of Employment Services which has been in place since 2015. Usually, once you’re found guilty of committing or even attempting to defraud an organization, you’re banned from working with them. You don’t then go on to hold other positions of leadership.

In 2011 she was given a position with the Department of Health Care Finance making reportedly $65,000 although reports from the Washington Times have cited it actually being $90,000. The hiring went unvetted without so much as any input from the agency director Jesus Aguirre out of courtesy. It didn’t take long for this to come into question with her out of the door only 4 months later. She apparently had a 2001 wire fraud felony under her belt which Mayor Vincent Gray stated he knew nothing about. The Department of Human Resources director Judy Banks has described her placement as a mistake and testified before City Council recommending her firing.

Then it’s been revealed she had two additional felonies in the ’90s. Mayor Gray pushed to have felons not be required to state they were felons at the time of applying for a job, but that was not the case when then At-Large Councilmember Mendelson knowingly hired Ms. Whiting, a felon, who then went on to work in a number of other city positions. The most recent comes from her working now in the former Taxi Commission’s office, now the Department of for Hire Vehicles as a Program Analyst (salary $67,000). Sources have stated that because of her influence in District politics, once Mayor Bowser was elected, she was placed in the Taxi Commission office for the sake of suppressing political opposition.

Also, with the merit of hiring a felon aside, wire fraud is a serious felony, especially when it comes to being a municipal employee, in a city that has had large credibility issues when it comes to autonomy with the argument of the hiring of criminals impeding the city’s ability to lead itself. Cherita Whiting is literally the textbook example of why the nation’s capitol has the reputation it currently does, and one that many of the city’s elected officials, employees and advocates work so hard to fight against.

While further reviewing Ms. Whiting’s background, there is the police officer she used her power in city government to have fired. The officer’s name was Micheaux Bishop and the accusation was that she was dating a married man, something cited as behavior unbecoming of an officer but no officer had been fired for such in the past; that is until Cherita Whiting came into the picture. She had a very close relationship with the police chief Cathy Lanier being on record calling her Cat and Cathy, with calls for her recusal from the case being ignored. Chief Lanier described the complaint as anonymous when it wasn’t and when a decision by the trial board had been made that nothing was there regarding the relationship, Ms. Whiting pushed for further evidence to be found, an abuse of her position. Regarding her anonymity, a panel member only motioned to grant her name to be concealed after she threatened to contact the police chief if her name was revealed. She eventually went on to testify under her own name.

As a former PTA Chair of Mckinley Tech High School, she’s spoken about the number of calls Metropolitan Police Department has received on domestic violence. In April 2008 she said then Assistant Police Chief Diane Groomes recorded 2,700 calls for domestic violence. She’s chaired the Forum on Domestic Violence assisting in sharing resources for those in abusive relationships, yet at the same time she has gone out of her way to take a police officer off of the street essentially hurting her own cause.

From felonies including wire fraud, lying about said felonies, being on probation for defrauding DC government and other offenses do not represent excellence and these types of people should not be working with the city in any capacity. If people like Sulaimon Brown, the 2010 mayoral candidate paid to campaign against incumbent Adrian Fenty by then Council Chairman and opponent Vincent Gray has to be ostracized for less of a criminal background than Ms. Whiting, there is no reason why this type of corrupt individual should be allowed anywhere near DC government.


In her quest for criminal activity, the Manager of her local Giant in ward 4 at 300 Riggs Rd. has stated that several times a week she enters the grocery store, asks for things that are not there and in turn demands $20 gift cards for the inconvenience. She does this in the name of the Mayor’s office and given that Mayor Bowser is currently seeking re-election, this type of behavior needs to be kept far from her and her administration. She’s also said to go there and request gift cards to donate for projects she’s working on, also in the Mayor’s office, has given fake tax id numbers and threatened to have people not shop there if the store does not comply.

Ms. Whiting’s claim to fame is that she is the daughter of Chuck Brown, something confirmed by no one. The lie has been told for so many years that many know but at this juncture just choose to chuckle and look the other way. These are the deeds and actions of a scam artist. Also, when reached for comment on this piece, given the express ability to refute anything written, Ms. Whiting objected to NOTHING.


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