Convicted Rapist Mike Tyson to Star in Animated Series

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Arguably the most recognizable boxer in history, Mike Tyson who served 3 of his 6 year sentence for rape in the 90s is back starring in a new animated series, The Mike Tyson Mysteries. Time Warner had the following to say about the show:

In the new animated comedy series Mike Tyson Mysteries, Mike Tyson is taking the fight from the boxing ring to the streets… by solving mysteries! Armed with a magical tattoo on his face and a trusty associate by his side — a talking pigeon — if you have a problem that needs solving, Iron Mike is in your corner. The series incorporates live-action appearances featuring Mighty Mike himself, and the gloves come off as the former heavyweight champ and his fowl-mouthed partner gear up for weekly adventures as they put unsolved mysteries — like how to defeat a super computer at chess or why a famous author/werewolf can’t finish his novel — down for the count. Animated quarter-hour from Warner Bros Animation.

Now don’t be fooled, Tyson didn’t let a rape charge keep him out of the spotlight. In the last 20 years he’s been in several documentaries, made a Wrestlemania appearance, was in a Rocky sequel, presented for the ESPYs, Larry King, Charlie Rose, Jimmy Kimmel, Oprah, Conan, Jimmy Fallon, Piers Morgan, Craig Ferguson, Jim Rome, “How I Met Your Mother,” a Charlie Sheen roast, another Wrestlemania, the Hangover flicks, oh and did we mention his one man show he’s been touring the country with?

The new animated series show will be on Adult Swim, aimed at young adults, young adults who likely don’t remember him as the convicted rapist that he is. These are parts of history we have to remember. At least in this animated show he can’t bite anyone’s ear off without being scripted first.



Mike Tyson Getting His Own Animated Series


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