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CNN’s Jeffery Toobin Responds to Accusation of Fake News with Fake News

By Nick Poling / Published on Saturday, 25 Feb 2017 13:27 PM / No Comments

Recently President Trump caused media whiplash during a recent press conference where he attempted to explain the difference between critical news and fake news. During this press conference President Trump labeled New York Times, CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC all as fake news organizations due to their misleading headlines and extremely biased narratives.

This was the first time the President has referred to some (if not all) of these organizations as “fake news” either. However, this recent press conference keeps pulling the media back to it. As an organization purporting to be news credibility is very important so it is understandable that those outlets would be defensive. However, it would suit them better to report news accurately than pushing out false and extremely biased narratives as news.

A great example of organizations like CNN utilizing alternative facts to create fake news comes from none other than Jeffery Toobin where he omits the specific details of whom President Trump labeled as fake news and instead claims it was all news media outlets. Twitter user @EmotionalDank of Love Breeds Accountability explains it well in his video below.


In the age of super saturation of social media buzz words and click bait rule the day. Clicks mean traffic and potential revenue for organizations. Sensational headlines will get more clicks and traffic which for businesses can entice them to use opined headlines even if it has no factual basis or real mention in an article. People often share articles without reading the actual content and think that the headline is fact when in many cases it may not have even been meant to imply a factual account.

In addition to this some organizations have taken this beyond just headlines to elaborating on false and biased narratives to garner views. It is hard to tell if these newscasters believe such things or are doing it just to create news. If one is visiting CNN it doesn’t matter to them if that person is happy or angry with them as they get paid all the same.


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