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Chris Brown Sued by a Woman Who Claims to have been Raped at His House

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 10 May 2018 10:52 AM / No Comments
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One day we’re going to be able to report on Chris Brown and it won’t be regarding his legal woes. A woman who has chosen to remain nameless, identified as only Jane Doe is suing Chris Brown for getting raped at his home early last year in some drug fueled sex party. Represented by Gloria Allred who not long ago represented a whopping 28 women against Bill Cosby, which eventually lead to his take down stated “There is nobody who would want their daughter to suffer what she alleges she suffered. It was a complete nightmare.”

The event, which took place February 24th, 2017 allegedly had the girl lured to an upstairs bedroom where she was then locked in where the door was blocked with a sofa with her cell phone confiscated. It wasn’t until her mother got worried and tracked down her phone to Chris Brown’s house and called the police.

“Brown refused to open the gate and denied the police access onto his property,” the suit filed in State Superior Court in Los Angeles County states. Brown also ordered others in the house “to hide a duffel bag filled with guns.”

While it’s strange enough that Chris Brown would have a girl locked in his house young enough for her mother to show up looking for her, keep in mind, statistically millenials staying at home with their parents until 30 is pretty common these days, so who knows. Allred never revealed the girl’s age but did describe her as a young adult.

On top of Chris Brown, two other people in his home, rapper Lowell Grissom Jr., aka Young Lo and a woman that goes by Doe X have also been accused of sexual battery, gender violence, battery, assault, violating civil rights and other charges.

As for where we are in the case at the moment, the young lady, “She has spoken to the police,” Allred said. “To my knowledge there is a criminal investigation open. There have not been any charges filed to date.”

The victim claims she met Grissom at a show and had her phone confiscated before entering a recording studio with Chris Brown for an after party. And before you get all weirded out saying that’s a bad sign there, keep in mind that celebs are always getting caught by fans sneaking videos and pics so the fact he collected her phone, presumably until she left is understandable. However, when she specifically asked for her phone back after seeing people drinking and doing drugs, she was told no and informed the party would be moving to Brown’s house. Now THAT sounds like it occurred without her consent. While this might be a Devil Wears Prada moment, you can’t blanket assume everyone wants to be int this situation with you.

“Plaintiff was forced to go to Brown’s home with others because she perceived that she would only be able to retrieve her phone there,” the suit states, except she still didn’t get her phone. Instead she received a pill she was told to take “to have a good time” she says. She didn’t take the pill and in came her mother. As stated above, the police arrived, were denied entry and it was at that time she was forced to perform oral on Grissom by Doe X leading her to be assaulted as well.

“Thus, plaintiff found herself being sexually battered by two people at the same time,” the suit states.

Grissom raped her twice before allowing her to leave. She went to a rape treatment center and reported it all to the police.

Brown doesn’t exactly have the best track record with women. From Rihanna, to having a restraining order placed on him by his ex Karrueche Tran, being arrested a couple years ago because a woman claimed he threatened to kill her in his house, brandishing a gun at her and then there’s all his other legal battles over the year. He might be young but for someone with the type of history he’s had, he needs to settle down with one woman. It’ll keep him out of trouble and hopefully they can keep him levelheaded because God knows he needs it.



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