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Chili from TLC Said “All Lives Matter” When Asked about Black Lives Matter

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 10 May 2017 00:55 AM / 1 Comment

It appears that TLC’s Chili has hit the third rail of entertainment interviews by responding to a question about Black Lives Matter with the dreaded All Lives Matter. That is a saying that got Hillary Clinton called racist during her second failed presidential campaign in 2016 and her Democrat opponent Martin O’Malley boo’d. Lil Wayne said he never felt connected to the Black Lives Matter movement and has been looked at crazy ever since.

In the video, Chili said she’s never attended a Black Lives Matter rally. Whether you feel close to the movement or not, the appropriate response would have been to not to volunteer that information, but just say something abstract about it. If she faces any flack for this, she brought on herself. When groupmember T-Boz was asked about Trump being branded as a “scrub” by listeners of theirs, she said she had never heard that and that she wasn’t a fan of his when he wasn’t president when she appeared on Celebrity Apprentice. Considering she’s been diagnosed with a nerve condition preventing her from fully moving her face, one would think she wouldn’t be speaking ill of other people…

Glitzers, watch Chili talk about not supporting Black Lives Matter below:


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