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Chicago Rapper ‘King Long Leg’ Shows Us How He Got His Name

By PopGlitz Staff / Published on Thursday, 13 Jul 2017 05:57 AM / No Comments

We all have our ways of promoting ourselves and when you know what your best feature is, that’s what you put forward. For Mariah Carey, she only gets filmed on one side, others do porn. It’s 2017 and a lot of models and rappers and models have ConnectPal accounts, a video service meant for preachers and fitness instructors to sell their programs. It is with this that we would like to introduce you to Chicago rapper Living Legend Galore 3x, also known as King Long Leg. We’ll just say that if anyone is more deserving of one of these accounts it would be him. His Snapchat account is probably better than any paid porn site you’ll come across and as for that nickname of his “King Long Leg?” Well he didn’t lie.

Glitzers, check out King Long Leg below and make sure you check out his music while you’re at it

Twitter | Soundcloud


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