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Brielle – Brielle (Album Review)

By Michael Mirrorcle / Published on Friday, 17 Jun 2016 16:04 PM / 889 Comments

Artist: Brielle
Album: Brielle
Genre: Pop
Score: 82/100
Standout(s): Love Means, Catch a Star for You, Wasted, Thin Ice, Ought To Be

Pop music travels in circles. Trends of yesteryear become the trends of today. Somehow it all comes back around. Singer/songwriter Brielle is a fine example of that fact. More than just a pretty face, Brielle is re-issuing some familiar pop trends on her self-titled debut record.

Brielle Get Out!

Her lead single Ought To Be was quite a stark and contrasting release for her. Brielle was prominently a Dance-pop singer. Ought To Be was far removed from her usual vibe. The slow groove and psychedelic melody channeled her voice into new territories. It was more soulful and funky than her prior Top40 Club anthems. The climax of the song evolves into an Alt-R&B slow jam a la Jhene Aiko. The smooth transition offered a much needed shift from the formulated pop tunes on the album.

Unfortunately the album does little explore anything outside of the expected. Love Means has the talk-sing verses that mirror Ke$ha’s Your Love Is My Drug. Her squeaky and somewhat obnoxious bubble gum voice carries the song well. The production comes straight from the pages of Dr. Luke circa 2011. Catch a Star for you has all the bells and whistles for a Top 10 classic. The production builds well and the kick-drum thunders on the second verse. Brielle does get lost on the track and doesn’t find her footing. The production overtakes her most of the song. Wasted slowed the pace down and showcased her in a somber light. It’s the hangover after a long night of drinking and debauchery. It’s a fine moment on the album that exposes the depth of her emotions.

Brielle has the makings to be a powerhouse in pop music. However, her debut album has little personality or individuality to separate her from the pack. Many songs on her album could be sung by any 20-something popstar in the business today. Some songs sound like they could be demos for Selena Gomez or Kesha. Ought to Be’s vibe and overall delivery is something that should be further fleshed out on her next release. Dance Pop is a challenging genre. It’s easy to fall through the cracks and sound like someone else. Brielle still needs to find out who Brielle is an artist.



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