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Bow Wow Talks About Suicide, Tristan Thompson, & Charlamagne Says Iyanla Needs to Fix His Life

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 12 Apr 2018 15:20 PM / No Comments

If Bow Wow has anything to his credit, it’s the fact that he knows how to get people talking about him. The bad part about it is he’s at the point he doesn’t feel he has control over his story so he gave what he calls his last radio interview today on the Breakfast Club. While there he spoke about his recent social media rants about suicide. He was asked if he took it too far by Angela Yee to which he responded, no. He said that’s how he felt. He said he’s contemplated suicide multiple times in life. To be fair, his new album is suicide spelled backwards, but the suicidal thoughts were real. The reason is because he says he’s lapped the world 8 times and felt there wasn’t anything left for him to do.

The problem that was most notable throughout the interview is that despite all of the talking he did, he seemed to be holding back, constantly stating that things were hard to explain and complicated. Charlamagne told him that he might have done everything he wanted to do but it doesn’t mean he should kill himself. Angela Yee said he should try to help other artists.

Regarding the way he gets misunderstood, he explained how years ago, two half sisters of his were paid to do a Worldstar interview where they chose to air out dirt. The backstory of course is that he have spent large sums of money but disloyalty through a check to snitch was obviously more important. He recently was accused of beefing with Chris Brown through a song titled Drunk Off Ciroc which he says was a misunderstanding as he only pointed out how close they were growing up and he was just reminiscing and wondering what happened.

His family situation also isn’t the best with him stating he hasn’t seen his grandmother in 10 years and while he is able to handle criticism for things such as the #BowWowChallenge, his ex Erica Mena wasn’t able to do so. He said she would look online, read negative comments about her and it would stop her from living her life. Speaking of the #BowWowChallenge, aside from admitting he messed up, he said Mona Scott Young called him and asked him to create a show based on it. She said everyone stunts on Instagram and the new show, titled #BowWowChallenge would involve him exposing people on the spot in an Instagram lie. Now that should be interesting. And as far as getting over Erica Mena, he already has.

Bow Wow’s been dating a model named Kiyomi Leslie and says this is the first time he’s ever not cheated on a girl. He says when he’s out in the club he keeps his hands to himself, he Facetimes his girl to keep himself out of trouble and the main reason why is people like Tristan Thompson and Kevin Hart. He says his biggest fear has nothing to do with negative comments or stories on him but he says he would NOT be able to handle a scandal. In fact, while speaking about Tristan, his eyes lit up. He said he was terrified of being in that situation… to be walking down the street by yourself, not think about any cameras and be ambushed while out with someone you have no business.

After spending his time correcting all lingering interviews and wrapping up what he said would be his last radio interview, he let the Breakfast Club crew know his album Edicius will drop on his daughter’s birthday, April 27th. As for subsequent interviews, he’s tired of having his words parsed and said from now on he will be producing his own content and will send it out to the media to be picked up. He did say he would make an exception for the Breakfast Club, so there’s still some hope for him, although I highly doubt he’s quitting media as a whole.

Our advice to Bow Wow is that he needs a mentor and a quality PR person. Bow Wow’s problem is that he seems to be lost with what he wants to do with his life. The problem is there’s always something to do. If someone came into his life and gave him some quality career advice, he would feel a lot more optimistic. While he’s done television, film and rapping, no one has ever accomplished it all. And if he’s tired of being surrounded by #FakeNews, all it would take is a quality PR person to help spread the image that he wants to portray for himself. As for his #BowWowChallenge days, Diddy told him at a party at his house to “cut the bullsh*t. You know what I’m talkin’ about. You’ve got me and Jermaine on your side. I don’t put up with no clown sh*t. You not no clown. you put in too much work for this. Clean ya f*ckin sh*t up and get ya sh*t together.” From the sound of things, Bow Wow heard and understood the message loud and clear. And lastly, Charlamagne flippantly said that Bow Wow needed Iyanla to fix his life. Given the way that he struggles so hard to be understood, while that was said jokingly, there is always a little truth in every joke. We completely agree that actually might be best for him and we’re hoping he follows that advice.

Glitzers, watch Bow Wow’s interview with the Breakfast Club earlier today below:


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