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#BlackExcellence: From Southeast DC to Harvard & Teaching in Vietnam, Meet Darrion Willis

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 07 Dec 2017 12:05 PM / No Comments

We originally came across Darrion Willis on social media supporting the current Mayor of DC, Muriel Bowser. He’s a success story in the sense that he was able to leave the poorest part of the nation’s capital, DC’s Ward 8 to go on attending Harvard in 2018 and teaching in Vietnam. He’s the first to graduate college in his family, defying the odds that many local community advocates say are impossible. He describes leaving America in 2014 as him becoming a free man. It isn’t that anything is wrong with the country per se, I would recommend anyone getting out and experiencing as much of the world as possible to make you a more well rounded person.

“Many people wouldn’t dare get on an airplane to areas unknown to them. But I did! That’s the beauty of this world. To explore and discover life, art, love, and humanity” he writes in a piece about his journey moving abroad. He also has the goal of returning to DC to become Mayor which is highly possible as most elected officials in DC have the same resume of living in the area since childhood without venturing out doing much of anything that special.. at least nothing that didn’t in some way stem from their privilege of having connected parents to start them along heir way.

Darrion will be starting at Harvard for graduate school in 2018 and is working on a new book titled Strive for Greatness about his globetrotting experiences through Asia teaching English. He also appears to have a desire to be a fitness model as well. If you follow him on social media, you’d know that he’s also been cataloging his body progress over the years and has been doing a pretty good job so far. He’s also a great photographer as he appears to take most of his pics and they all look great. If there’s anything we’ve learned from following Darrion Willis, it’s that he’s got a bright career ahead of him. But be careful following him on Instagram; he has about 10 new screennames a year. lol

Glitzers, check out Darrion Willis below and make sure you follow him on social media:

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