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Blac Chyna Gave Her 1 Year Old Pink Hair Extensions and is Getting Ripped a New One Over It

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Thursday, 26 Apr 2018 21:34 PM / No Comments

It’s been nearly a year since Blac Chyna’s show with Rob Kardashian has been canceled and the former stripper apparently is missing having attention. So what does she do? She posts a picture of a 1 year old child on Instagram with a weave. They were pink clip in extensions and the photo was captioned with “My beautiful baby girl.” The responses were so harsh she was forced to take the pic down. I would ask what did she expect would happen but… what do you expect from a stripper raising a baby? Like mother like daughter. This is the best way for her daughter to end up bald headed and on a pole just like her mom as soon as she’s of age. Well, maybe not the pole part, but you get the point.


Snookie’s best friend, JWoww from Jersey Shore thought they were cute. She responded saying “But she looks so cute with the pink hair!” Keep in mind that she put fake breasts on her 6 month old child for Twitter so, hey. I mean, what are extensions on a 1 year old when up against boobs on a 6 month old? Her judgment is totally subjective. She also managed to get frostbite on her pregnant belly so she shouldn’t speak on anyone else’s parenting EVER in life. If she condones it, do the opposite!

Anyway, Glitzers, take a look at Blac Chyna’s baby dressed in hair extensions and tell us if you think it’s going too far or not:

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