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Bill O Reilly Ouster From Fox News Show Scary Backroom Acts

By Brad Essex / Published on Saturday, 22 Apr 2017 23:59 PM / 701 Comments

This week Bill O Reilly was fired from Fox News. This is just the latest drama from the network after the firing of Roger Ailes.  Many of the ladies of Fox News from Jedediah Bila to Gretchen Carlson and many others were saying how they were treated unfairly while dealing with Roger and Bill, plus we have John Layfield, a Fox News Contributor whose bullying on his other job at WWE lead to the resignation of Mauro Ranallo. Mauro, who suffered from depression, was verbally abused by Layfield, according to multiple reports. Even though Mauro, in a press release said John Layfield didn’t cause him to leave, most people with insider knowledge know John is a bully to many  people who worked at WWE.

Bill O Reilly is  not a stranger to controversy. From accusations of domestic violence with his ex wife, him and Fox settling five sexual harassment claims and misstating what was happening in his coverage of a war zone during his time at ABC News, also his viral ranting during his days working at Inside Edition.

This entire Fox News saga undermined their claims to being a more hard edged news channel and hides the many good things they have to offer from Special Report with Bret Baier to excellent reporting from Jennifer Griffin and top debate programs like The Five and Outnumbered. Hopefully everyone learns from this and it will be the end of behaving like liberals on Fox News.


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