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#BigBottomFashion: Featuring Jonathan Smith

By PopGlitz Staff / Published on Tuesday, 12 Jun 2018 21:44 PM / No Comments

Is there a little shade in the title? Possibly. However, what we can acknowledge is that Jonathan Smith is fashionable for his size. We should all try to look our best at whatever size and shape we have. So he’s gained a few pounds over the years. We’re sure when he decides to, he’ll lose it again. Now who exactly is Jonathan Smith? We came across him from a few pics of his signature beard floating around which I have to say, a bottom with a beard… daring. But it isn’t bad looking. In a few of his pics he complains about looking fat but at least he doesn’t Photoshop his pics to make himself smaller like Tori Spelling, who we covered for doing that very thing this week.


We’ve also discovered he’s taken a number of pics in front of The Wingates in SE Washington, DC. From our real estate experience, that address has been one of the worst in the city. It’s since seen some work but if that’s where he chooses to call home, more power to him. And also, predictably, he’s a chef. That’s where those pounds come from. We’re sure he’ll learn restraint one of these days.

Glitzers, check out Jonathan Smith and his #BigBottomFashion below and follow him on social media:

Photo Credit: Jonathan Smith/Instagram

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