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Beyonce’s Still On Vacation in Italy a Day After Her Birthday

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Wednesday, 05 Sep 2018 18:42 PM / No Comments
Photo Credit: TMZ

Beyonce just turned 37 years old yesterday and was out in Italy living her best life with hubby Jay-Z. Since her career is now in the two+ decade timespan one would expect a number of accolades as well as blunders to be gone over but not the case with Bey. One of the biggest things I can credit Beyonce with is the amazing feat of making it to her age without much scandal. And she did it without being in the spotlight that much. She’s largely opted out of social media until recent years where she gets other people to post for her. It’s how she keeps people out of her business… until her sister started beating the sh** out of her husband putting everything on front street.

Instead of scandal, her $1 billion empire with her cheating husband was discussed. Sorry Jay, we had to throw that in there. You cheated on Beyonce. Like, come on bruh. And the E! expose into their wealth started off with a lyric from their joint album Everything is Love where it says “My great, great, grandchildren already rich” which is an understatement. I remember during the release of Beyonce’s self titled album when her sister Solange went all super saiyan on her husband, the lyric about it being a billion dollars on the elevator was mocked on Fox and Friends where the host said “I guess she thinks they’re worth a billion dolloars” and proceeded to laugh. Welp, take that Fox News, she is. At the time they were off by about $100 million, so just think about how long (or quickly) it took them to make the remainder of that.

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With a good reputation and already in legend status at 37, when you see vacationing on the water in Italy for her birthday, she truly doesn’t have a care in the world. For comparison sake, let’s look at fellow legend Whitney Houston’s life at 37. Her husband had just had a DUI and the Baltimore Sun said her performance in The Preacher’s Wife lacked gospel fire and expressed how her singing barely came off as convincing. In the context of a decade of big ballads one could say that but in 2018 there isn’t a soul who could pull that album off. At Aretha’s funeral, poor Ariana Grande, seen as the next Mariah fell on her face vocally hardly keeping up to all the fuss made about her. As for Mariah Carey… At 37 she had just staged a comeback 2 years prior when everyone said she should retire at 30 with one of the largest label firings in history. And lastly, Janet Jackson’s then husband Rene Elizondo had just filed for divorce saying she wasn’t just nasty as her music claimed but that she was mean and manipulative and he was on a tangent telling every last detail about their 9 year secret marriage. So in comparison, given that Beyonce’s current news at 37 is that she’s worth $1 billion. Good job.

Photo Credit: TMZ

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