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Beyonce’s Potential Due Date Revealed + Lady Gaga Replacing Her at Coachella

By Nick Poling / Published on Wednesday, 01 Mar 2017 22:34 PM / No Comments

One of the hottest couples out there is about to have there second and third child. Everyone is dying to know when Beyonce and Jay-Z will be having their children and whether they’ll be boys, girls, or one of each! Here is the hottest scoop out there on the situation!

At the beginning of the month several outlets were trying to ascertain the gender of the power couples progeny due to Bey’s announcement photo which showed baby blue and pink colors. It is a societal norm not to announce a pregnancy within this first month or so as to avoid traumatic explanations if early complications arise. It is likely the couple announced after enough time had passed to ensure health of the babies, but not nearly enough to know their genders.

A source allegedly close to Beyonce and Jay-Z recently told Page Six that the couple would be finding out the gender of the baby in two weeks! The revealing thing about this isn’t that they will soon learn the gender of their twins, but the source may have accidentally leaked details about the potential due dates of the babies!

Experts agree that the time frame for determining the gender of a baby is 18 – 20 weeks. This would place Bey’s pregnancy at around the 16-18 week mark. Sometimes babies aren’t formed enough at 18 weeks to have clearly defined parts to tell, but with ultrasound imaging much improved there should be any difficulty. It is likely Bey is currently at 16 or 17 weeks pregnant.

The average pregnancy is actually around 38-40 weeks, with 36 weeks (or ~9 months) being premature and 42 weeks being “overdue.” Which means the likely due date of Bey’s children everything being healthy should be sometime in late July to early August.

Read it here first Bey’s babies will be born between July 26th and August 10th!

Beyonce also cancelled her headlining performance at Coachella, but she will be headlining next year. Today it was revealed that Lady Gaga will be replacing her for both weekends.

Gaga will fill in for Beyoncé on consecutive Saturday nights (April 15 and 22) at Empire Polo Grounds in Indio, Calif. The two dates will serve as a preview of her upcmong wolrd tour, which si set to kick off in August.

It’s a great treat for fans who were expecting Beyonce as the two women are good friends and collaborated twice together: first on Gaga’s Telephone, which was originally written for Britney Spears and then on a remix to Beyonce’s Video Phone.

Gaga is also the first woman to headline Coachella since Bjork in 2007.


Sources: People Page Six

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