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Beanie Sigel Says Homosexuality is Sickening & at an All Time High

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Tuesday, 11 Oct 2016 23:55 PM / No Comments

Rapper Beanie Sigel was interviewed for The Breakfast Club this morning where he made some eyebrow raising statements about the LGBT community. But before we get into that, the entire exchange was negative from the moment he stepped in the studio. At age 42 he sure does seem to have a number of beefs, one being with his former group State Property, but considering they only had a couple albums, what difference does it make? But anyway, he went back and forth with the show host Charlamagne calling him unqualified and an outsider. He also admitted to ghost writing for Meek Mill, something you never do unless you’re trying to ruin someone’s careers because most people assume rappers write all of their raps themselves. It’s also interesting as Meek Mill accused Drake of not writing his own music. Ahh, the plot thickens.

But the more shocking part of it all semed to be his statements toward the LGBT community where he said “Things are going too far. Even in the media and television, this homosexuality sh*t is at an all-time high…and it sickening to me. I shouldn’t have to explain to my son why two men is on primetime television kissing. Nothing positive or good comes out of that.”

Meek Mill is entitled to his opinion and there is in fact a lot of people who are uncomfortable with a lot of overt homosexuality that we have these days. For example, why do kindergarteners need to be taught in school that they can go to whatever bathroom they want or about Johnny’s two dads? That isn’t a part of education and has no place in a curriculum. That is a parent’s job to teach what the social norms are, not school so with that being said he has a bit of a point. However, for someone who works in an industry full of gays, who already doesn’t have very much of a career and was just on film getting knocked out a couple weeks ago, Beanie Sigel should be acting nice to as many people as possible right now whether he agrees with their life choices or not.

Glitzers, watch Beanie Sigel’s Breakfast Club interview below and tell us what you think about his words on the LGBT community


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