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#AndTheLsContinue: Rapper DMX Charged with Tax Evasion Hiding Millions

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Friday, 14 Jul 2017 04:41 AM / No Comments

Shoutout to rapper DMX for letting the world think he’s been broke and really balling out for years. Through an unsealed indictment released this Thursday, Earl Simmons, known as DMX was revealed to have been dealing mostly in cash, paying expenses through other people’s accounts all in a multi year scheme to hide income from the IRS. Poor DMX just can’t catch a break as he did two month in a New York jail for failure to pay child support.

For someone who has previously admitted to having a crack addiction, he isn’t too shabby if he’s able to hold on to operate and still hold on to a little something after selling 30 million albums. does however have his net worth listed as a NEGATIVE $10 million. I had to read that again because that is the first time I’ve seen anyone have their net worth listed in the negative.

Oh, and DMX is facing a possible 44 year maximum prison sentence. If all he owes is under $2 million, that is completely ridiculous. There are those involved in major white collar tax and financial schemes that have done FAR worse. Neither is right but 44 years or even over a couple years in and of itself is overboard. Sigh. Get it together DMX, get it together.


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