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All Eyes On: Fitness Guru Jacob Sumana

By Michael Mirrorcle / Published on Wednesday, 24 Feb 2016 12:39 PM / No Comments

Health and Fitness have become such a huge pop culture facet. From the various fitness crazes to all the trends in diet and exercise, the world has decided to get physical. Especially here in America, we have become obsessed with getting fit. With so many people seeking guidance on their road to a better body, fitness instructors have become more sought after than ever before. Meet Jacob Sumana, Fitness Model and Personal Trainer. Jacob is an international personal trainer with an amazing physique. (Sorry Ladies…he’s taken.) We got a chance to pick his brain about fitness, celebrities and more:



How did you get started as a model and fitness trainer?

My fitness modeling and personal trainer career all came natural. I used to play college football and stopped playing due to injuries. After getting rehabilitation I soon found myself drawn to the field of helping people. I soon started my Physical Therapy studies along with acquired all of the Nutritional & Personal Trainer certificates available.

While going to school for Physical Therapy I started coaching people and helping people reach phenomenal physical and mental results, in gyms and online. From living the fitness lifestyle and having a competitive nature I wanted more, that’s when I started competing in fitness shows. Years of competing and helping people reach their goals, all over the world, opened up doors for me. I have since then been in various modeling campaigns, fitness magazines, featured covers, and my most recent accomplishment has been my feature in a book for youths called “Dare to Dream?”, inspiring the youth to reach out for their dreams.

What workout routine do you use to keep in shape?

My routine for staying in shape is nothing specific, I believe that variety is key! My 4 rules of fitness success are; 4-6 workout sessions/wk. Keep a balanced and controlled diet; No carbohydrates before bed 2-6 cardio sessions/wk.

What’s on your workout playlist?

French Montana – Man of My city (Feat Travis Scott)
Boosie Badazz – A Problem
Trey Songz – Everybody Say
Meek Mill – Gave Em Hope
Kevin Gates – Really Really
Kevin Gates – La Familia
Travis Scott – Uber Everywhere (Remix)
Yo gotti – Bible (Feat Lil Wayne)
T.I. – Money Talk
A$ap Ferg – Cut it (Remix)


What separates you from other personal trainers?

What separates me from other fitness personalities is that we all have the passion for fitness, but my goals are based upon a bigger purpose. My passion is changing lives through Fitness. I want to use my influence and gift to make the world a better place. Changing one persons mentality and the way they see life, will in all reality influence a lot of people along the way of that one person. My recent goals has been to reach more people, to create something bigger. I want to make a difference.

Do you think that two people with very different fitness lifestyles can work in a relationship? What’s some advice you would give to someone who might be in this situation where they are less active than their mate?

Yes I definitely think that a relationship can work between a very active and a inactive partner. Fitness is a lifestyle, but I don’t necessary believe that your partner have to share the same lifestyle. In my opinion I think it’s healthy to have a partner who’s living a different lifestyle, that’s what makes you diverse! If your partner loves working out, great! If he or she doesn’t and you still find that person attractive I don’t see a problem.

A personal advice is that it won’t be easy being in a relationship with a very “fit” partner, you have to stay confident and believe that there’s a reason your partner chose you! Don’t look at others sharing the fitness lifestyle as competitors, if that’s what your partner wanted, I’m sure that’s where your partner would be!


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Waist Trainers are becoming the go-to tool to help women achieve that hour-glass figure. Do you think they work or are they just a fad? What advice would you give women who want to achieve that look without using a waist trainer or undergoing harsh cosmetic surgery?

I do honestly believe in waist trainers, but they are very much misunderstood in many ways! They DON’T help your fat loss. They DON’T help you train your abs. They are NOT an overnight success! What waist trainers can do, is to help you activate and contract your abdominis transversus, which is the “muscle belt” around your waist.

By contracting the also called core, you will eventually get a tighter and slimmer waist. If you want a slimmer waist, do Cardio and Planks, that is simply the fasted way to fat loss and a slim waist!

Who do you think has the best body in the music industry and why?

Tough question, but the best bodies in the music industry is probably Rihanna and LL Cool J has always been known as the fit rapper.

If you had the opportunity train one celebrity, who would it be and why?

If I could train one celebrity it’d probably be Will Smith. First and foremost I know the results would be nothing but outstanding, because of his work ethic! But looking at the Trainer/Client relationship egoistically I would love to learn from his wisdom and knowledge.

What’s next for you in 2016?

The year of 2016 is a year where I have devoted all of my focus on doing things for a higher purpose! I’m excited, and I truly believe you can accomplish all that you put your mind into.



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