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50 Cent Likely Getting Sued for Punching Woman at a Baltimore Show

By JaVonni Brustow / Published on Monday, 17 Apr 2017 04:15 AM / No Comments

Rapper 50 Cent apparently hasn’t learned his lesson about mistreating women after he filed bankruptcy after leaking a sex tape of rival rapper Rick Ross’ girlfriend where he superimposed himself in the video acting as her pimp humiliating her. This time 50 Cent had a show in Baltimore last week where a woman grabbed his arm and he is seen putting his full body strength into quite the powerful punch square in her chest. She was allowed on stage afterwards to twerk as though that was enough to keep her from filing a lawsuit. Not so according to attorney Warren Brown hired by 50’s victim Donnetta Brown who called 50’s behavior cowardly.

In other news, 50 was supposed to attend the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first NBA Playoffs game to watch Lebron but said he was too preoccupied to show up. Just what was he so busy doing you ask? He posted a pic to Instagram of a woman in the most impossible 90 degree spread eagle position. Now if that is a pic of who he was with, 50, we understand. It’s okay, bruh, but next time, work out that frustration before you go on stage knockin’ folks out. Just ask Kevin Gates. People sue back because believe it or not, they don’t come to concerts to get their block knocked off.

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