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100 and More Reasons to Avoid a Cult and 1 Church That Might Be a Cult

By Nick Poling / Published on Friday, 10 Mar 2017 00:04 AM / No Comments

There is really only 1 necessary reason to not join a cult, because it is a cult! However, it may be difficult to tell if a group, organization, or even a church is a cult. Yes, even some churches can be a cult if not cult-like. One instance up for debate is Deliverance Bible Church of Hurst, TX.

The leader of this organization, Cleetus Adrian, does not like his members going to other churches or questioning is fallible doctrine. Shortly PopGlitz will be releasing more information on this subject. For now check out this press release from a group of former members and victims of the cult like practices of Deliverance Bible Church.


Punk rock pastor is controlling narcissist

Deliverance Bible Church in Hurst, TX is popular in the media as a “punk rock” church. A quick YouTube search shows many TV appearances by the pastor, Cleetus Adrian, including one on TLC’s Miami Ink. Recently, the pastor was caught on video cursing ex-members of his church. This caused ex-members to band together and reveal the spiritual abuse that has been going on in this church since it’s inception. Discussions within this group of ex-members has also caused members to question how Cleetus used tithe money.

The psychological damage done to these former members has taken years to heal from. The leader is authoritarian, narcissistic, and says he is anointed. The church is secretive and discourages questions from members. The members are told they are spiritually superior to “religion”. They are asked to tithe whole paychecks and then God will prosper their families. The pastor has no accountability and often says “God told him” to do unreasonable or unbiblical things. Guilt and pressure from the group is used to control. Everything is made spiritual and members are encouraged to not use their logical brain. Former members are sharing their stories at

Concerned About DBC


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